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Shelf isolation
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Dave Bryan Vote score: 12563Dave Bryan

Shelf isolation

26/06/20 7:07:41

John  Glover Vote score: 21229John Glover

"Oh, shut the bloody door and let me masterbate in peace."

26/06/20 12:15:57

Are you Tosser Wivlov by any chance? --Flo .
Ian Skelding Vote score: 23597Ian Skelding

"Black lives matter, no, white lives matter, no, black lives ..... "

26/06/20 11:09:12

Careful I'm a Racoon & don't even know if I can say that rediculous is that? --Flo .
Karyn Harrison Vote score: 5318Karyn Harrison

"Well sometimes you can't get out and about the way you would like to. You're stuck in, like I'm stuck in today. And then yes you get bored and you get fed up with looking at the same four walls."

Nod to Nick Park.

26/06/20 10:40:52

Mark England Vote score: 17597Mark England

"Well done you've knocked down the coconut. Help yourself to any prize on the top shelf"
"Err...couldn't I just have a goldfish?"

26/06/20 7:45:23

Gavin Smithers Vote score: 409Gavin Smithers

Th Road to Madagascar, starring Dorothy Lemur.

27/06/20 23:36:28

Chris Keegan Vote score: 10167Chris Keegan

Micky hasn't performed in months, life just isn't the same without a hand up your bottom.

26/06/20 8:59:58

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 13861Vanessa the Guesser

"How did you get so high?"

"The monkeys gave me some dust."

26/06/20 7:31:48

Dev B Vote score: 645Dev B


26/06/20 7:21:00

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 13861Vanessa the Guesser

"I'm here for my aye-aye test."

26/06/20 7:11:31

Stephen Bean Vote score: 13833Stephen Bean


26/06/20 7:10:38

Stephen Graham Vote score: 1092Stephen Graham

Lemur's femur's

26/06/20 7:03:19

Dave Bryan Vote score: 12563Dave Bryan

Lemurs can live for years in the wild but they have a very short shelf life.

26/06/20 7:03:06

Molly R Vote score: 2349Molly R

"Can't you give a chap a bit of privacy?"

26/06/20 7:02:07

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 15551Dan Nicholls

Here we go fella, one small injection and you will be right as rain.

26/06/20 7:01:56

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 15551Dan Nicholls

Don't leave me on the shelf.

It was tricky finding a mate for Dave.

26/06/20 7:01:07

David Robb Vote score: 178David Robb

It's not all black and white you know.

19/07/20 11:54:57

Charles Gilbert Vote score: 766Charles Gilbert

Just lemur alone.

27/06/20 15:14:45

Mr Dome  Vote score: 10844Mr Dome

Left on the shelf

26/06/20 10:53:52

Glyn Evans Vote score: 7327Glyn Evans

"Cat? I'm not a cat. I'm what your cat wishes it was."

26/06/20 10:52:01

alexandra ball Vote score: 932alexandra ball

Out of all my family, I'm still single and on the shelf.

26/06/20 9:15:35

Not surprised you're a Humbug type. --Flo .
Vivvy En Vote score: 6984Vivvy En

"Thank you for attending the interview but unfortunately, Lenny, we won't be employing you this Christmas as an Elf on the Shelf."

26/06/20 8:33:36

Dev B Vote score: 645Dev B

"Karen, you're pregnant"

26/06/20 7:43:27

Did you know? --Flo .
Stu Dent Vote score: 4947Stu Dent

A monkey caption that can officially be classed as a Ledge end.

26/06/20 7:29:12

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 15551Dan Nicholls

He was always touching himself, in fact he was quite a shelf-ish lover all round.

26/06/20 7:05:08

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