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News has reached the fishermen that the schools will soon be back.
News has reached the fishermen that the schools will soon be back. photo | portfolio
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News has reached the fishermen that the schools will soon be back.

new entryMon 8:34:45


It looks like that bloody javelin thrower's back.

new entryMon 14:19:30


In retrospect, they had probably placed the tent poles too far apart.

new entryMon 8:33:32


It's nice to have an excuse to play with your tackle in public.

new entryMon 8:29:26


One way to ensure people keep their distance is to push a fishing net through your tummy button until it pops out of your arse.

new entryMon 8:04:40


Evidently the fat guy went ballistic, someone had trampled his sandcastle, broken his plastic spade and stolen his yellow bucket that had a couple of tiny crabs in it.

new entryMon 13:30:24


Trying to catch a few rays

new entryMon 9:26:42


Keep looking - those volleyball girls must be around here somewhere!

new entryMon 8:57:44


I like these genuine photos with reel people.

new entryMon 8:16:43


What a bunch of Outcasts.

new entryMon 8:14:11


If Dave hadn't been so busy with his net he might have noticed Jane with her malformed, but instantly recognisable forearm. As a little boy her grandfather caused quite a stir with it when he tried doing the front crawl in some Scottish lake.

new entryMon 8:08:12


It takes some skill to plant your fishing rod in the sand and scratch your haemorrhoids at the same time.

new entryMon 8:04:11


"Call that a catch? My piece of plastic waste was THIS big"

new entryMon 22:21:55


Look at all those bottom feeders. And there might be some fish too.

new entryMon 20:26:15


Some git has nicked all my clothes off the washing line

new entryMon 16:08:54


Nude bathing was banned on the beach, but it didn’t stop a few cheeky chaps getting their rods out.

new entryMon 10:29:57


Catch off the Bay

new entryMon 10:13:13


Bill's photo composition is very untidey

new entryMon 10:00:36



new entryMon 9:57:53


Rod Leaver

new entryMon 9:50:17


Just what we need, A bunch of men with their rods out fondling with their tackle

new entryMon 9:43:10


Fishing now allowed again in Poleland.

new entryMon 9:41:57


A line in the sand.

new entryMon 9:40:17


"No love, the left one up a bit, we got Loose Women a second ago"

new entryMon 9:38:15


The annual Rod, Jayne and Freddy convention.

new entryMon 9:37:11


Social distance fishing.

new entryMon 9:26:39


Angling Male

new entryMon 9:26:02



new entryMon 9:16:19


Can you spot the master baiter?

new entryMon 9:11:49


They had caught ten economic migrants, but the holding nets supplied by immigration control had such big holes that they had all got away.

new entryMon 9:04:56


In Rhyl, Roger's rods are raised rather randomly.

new entryMon 8:52:33


I await Bill Rockwell's 2020 photos with baited breath.

new entryMon 8:18:46


Coast lines

new entryMon 8:17:29


There's a fine line between fishing, and standing there with a stick..

new entryMon 8:15:50


''Did you know that the fat guy is a millionaire?''

''No. What's his net worth?''

''About £10.''

new entryMon 8:12:28


"Are the compliments biting today?"

new entryMon 8:06:25


''Caught anything?''

''Yes, my hook in your line.''

new entryMon 8:05:17


Fishing: It's catching.

new entryMon 8:04:16


Well not a bad attempt.. Three javelin's threw and i managed to skewer one lockdown breaker.

new entryMon 8:04:04

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