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Mark England Vote score: 21694Mark England

Some Paralympic events simply do not work

09/04/20 7:35:58

I hate myself, but I can't stop laughing at this. --James Lennox
C CaMel Vote score: 12681C CaMel

"More hop, less scotch."

09/04/20 8:34:32

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35232Stephen Bean

The world narcolepsy skipping champion shows off his best moves.

09/04/20 7:00:31

"I told you I don't have narcolepsy. See? I'm skipping rope and nothing is happ... zzzzzzzzz." --Willie Johnson
Vivvy En Vote score: 13057Vivvy En

It can be excruciating watching The Extreme Dental Flossing Championship

09/04/20 7:28:43

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5137Mark Wilson

Beginners tight rope classes were proving difficult for some

09/04/20 14:22:47

Stu Dent Vote score: 5672Stu Dent

The Bloods and the Trips

09/04/20 7:01:51

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29758Dave Bryan


09/04/20 7:01:23

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29758Dave Bryan

''And Paula Radcliffe is struggling to cross the finishing line.''

09/04/20 7:08:47

That's what you call a finish line. She's finished. --Willie Johnson
Molly R Vote score: 4221Molly R

Remember, two metres apart at all times...

09/04/20 7:04:11

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