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Stephen Bean Vote score: 35099Stephen Bean

"I only coughed once."

05/04/20 7:25:13

"Hey guys, 6 feet!" --Scrijjy Doo
Dave Bryan Vote score: 29661Dave Bryan

''This isn't fair. We agreed to start the battle this afternoon.''

''Too bad, Ethelred.''

05/04/20 8:05:50

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18250Dan Nicholls

Tonight on 'Who Do You Think You Are?', Chris Evans discovers that his ancient relative was just as annoying.

05/04/20 7:34:17

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29661Dave Bryan

''Sorry, boys, we need to shoot that again. Can somebody remove the idiot who keeps waving at the back?''

05/04/20 7:44:41

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29661Dave Bryan

Captioneers congratulate Stephen Bean on winning the Caption League for the third week running.

05/04/20 7:01:47

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29661Dave Bryan

Labour Party members thank Jeremy Corbyn for all his hard work.

05/04/20 7:29:15

Mark England Vote score: 21686Mark England

Edmund knew that the writing was on the wall

05/04/20 8:11:30

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14779Neil Mackenzie

I worry about my four year olds paintings.

05/04/20 7:01:07

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32003Ian Skelding

"Stop bloody smiling, this play's a tragedy not a comedy."

05/04/20 12:51:44

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29661Dave Bryan

''I was only walking my dog.''

05/04/20 7:02:57

Chris Keegan Vote score: 14159Chris Keegan

WARNING. During lock down, asking your family to cut your hair can be dangerous.

05/04/20 7:45:03

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

"How about that, is that better? Just read the chart again please."

05/04/20 14:51:04

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29661Dave Bryan

''My castle won't be much use to you, lads. It's mortgaged up to the hilt.''

05/04/20 7:32:20

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