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Made in China
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Guideaux . Vote score: 2349Guideaux .

Made in China

22/03/20 12:31:59

Read an article the other day about the Spanish flu epidemic and it was saying that although Britain, France and Germany all had this flu before Spain, it got called Spanish flu because it appeared in the uncensored Spanish press whilst the other ... --Glyn Evans
Mark Wilson Vote score: 4632Mark Wilson

Who are all these people spending all day on the shitter eating pasta?

22/03/20 15:02:26

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 17599Vanessa the Guesser

Everyone's bricking it.

22/03/20 12:00:11

Dave Bryan Vote score: 20767Dave Bryan

When it's over who's going to pick up the pieces?

22/03/20 12:01:26

Just don't step on them barefoot. --Willie Johnson
Dave Bryan Vote score: 20767Dave Bryan

Sadly, this selfish behaviour has been duplocated all over Legoland.

22/03/20 12:05:46

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 9698Hercules Rockefeller

"Is jaundice supposed to be one of the symptoms?"

22/03/20 13:06:47

I think yellow fever might be. --Stephen Bean
The Wolf Vote score: 16170The Wolf

🎵 We built this City on toilet roll 🎵

22/03/20 12:11:10

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 13085Neil Mackenzie

I bought this and I haven't even got the toilet set.

22/03/20 16:46:08

Troompa Loompa Vote score: 22335Troompa Loompa

"Lego of that toilet roll!"

22/03/20 12:00:06

J Gaskill Vote score: 109J Gaskill

Does it say how many rolls come in the set?

22/03/20 22:23:20

Rachel P Vote score: 2304Rachel P

Expect to complete in twelve weeks

22/03/20 12:22:09

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