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"I won it on a scratch card."
"I won it on a scratch card." photo | portfolio
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Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 17904Vanessa the Guesser

"I won it on a scratch card."

09/03/20 12:00:12

Stephen Bean Vote score: 23895Stephen Bean

"F*cking genie, I wished I was surrounded by gold, money and pussy."

09/03/20 12:38:57

Stephen Bean Vote score: 23895Stephen Bean

After losing 8 lives, Schrödinger's cat receives huge payout.

09/03/20 12:15:01

"She was both rich AND poor until I opened the box to take that photo.":^) --Crunchy Chords
The Wolf Vote score: 16170The Wolf

I used to have to make do with half a tin of Whiskers a day...then my owner started selling Hand Sanitizer on Ebay...

09/03/20 12:01:28

Cats don't have owners. They have slaves. --Molly R
Mr Dome  Vote score: 14040Mr Dome

Yes I know it's been a while. I was away making my millions whilst you all struggled with mannequins, bikes and shit

09/03/20 12:04:35

Stu Dent Vote score: 5520Stu Dent

Swag Puss

09/03/20 12:02:31

Tony Edwards Vote score: 35757Tony Edwards

Cat Ballou the lot.

09/03/20 12:44:37

Dave Bryan Vote score: 21436Dave Bryan

''There's an Officer Dibble outside who wants to speak to you.''

09/03/20 12:01:22

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