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Dave was devastated when his mum and dad suggested it was time he moved out.
Dave was devastated when his mum and dad suggested it was time he moved out. photo | portfolio
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Dave was devastated when his mum and dad suggested it was time he moved out.

Thu 8:07:42


Dave was already struggling to think of a caption when it got 10 times harder 19 seconds after the photo was posted.

Thu 11:32:22


"I wish that picture didn't keep falling off the wall."

Thu 8:02:09


Not a caption -
This photo is of a survivor of Auschwitz who had one kidney removed by Nazi doctor Josef Mengele without anaesthesia. If you do choose to caption this photo please be respectful.

Thu 8:00:19

I welcome this warning, and it means we can avoid any captions that are racially offensive in the context of this particular photo. I am considering enabling photo commenting/downvoting (for all members) in future so that we can note things like t... --Chris Beach

Looking at this is driving me mad, I have OCD and I can't do anything about that picture.

Thu 9:24:20


"Why did I let that salesman convince me to upgrade from a chair to a couch?"

Thu 8:14:34


Go on you lot do your worst

Thu 8:00:08


When DFS let's you know your "nothing to pay for a year" runs out on Tuesday.

Thu 21:19:09


He had thought the next funeral he attended would be his own, but his son had been demonstrating and died of COVID 19 and his funeral was onTuesday. His granddaughter had been pulling a statue down when it landed on her head and her funeral was on Wednesday.

Fri 5:22:03


Dad loved watching football, meanwhile down the other end of the sofa Mum was watching her soap opera on her tv

Thu 20:19:48


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
I just wish those in power were not to the people this applies to.

Thu 18:11:52


"Grandpa hasn't blinked in 2 hours."
"Call the knackers."

Thu 14:03:14


This is my smiley face.

Thu 12:50:31


"That's a Constable"
"No, I was a Chief Inspector"

Thu 12:38:36


He didn't even take the one with the kidney stones, the bastard.

Thu 12:28:33


"It's been half an hour since we started hide n seek, Grandad should be looking for us by now?"
"He's probably forgotten how to count up to twenty."

Thu 12:17:27


I'm sure anaesthetic would have made no difference to Josef Mengele as he no feelings anyway

Thu 10:50:59


"I've only got one kidney, but Hitler has only got one ball."

Thu 8:36:46


When his wife joined him, there wasn't a lot of room left for Dave.

Thu 8:32:39


Mikhail Gorbachev has not aged well.

Thu 8:02:18


I wish those bloody grand-kids would stop throwing darts at my head.

Thu 8:02:04

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