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The frog version of Basic Instinct was a little weird.
The frog version of Basic Instinct was a little weird. photo | portfolio
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The frog version of Basic Instinct was a little weird.

Mon 12:03:52


"Who ate all the flies?"

Mon 13:02:04

I don't know but there's at least one fly that's down. --Willie Johnson

"Thank you, yes I do have a fine pair of thighs, don't I, monsieur?"

new entryMon 16:43:32


''How did you get that physique?''

''Sitting on my arse all day writing captions.''

Mon 12:01:37


Oh FFS Attenborough - can I not just have a shit in peace??

new entryMon 14:54:28


🎵 I've got the moobs like Jabba ...

Mon 13:46:45


"Hello, I'm Michael Gove..."

Mon 12:24:58


Someone's nicked my banjo

new entryMon 18:59:59


"And this *deep inhale and muscle clench* is my impression of Michelangelo ... the Ninja Turtle of course, not the artist."

Mon 12:31:32


''Have you done anything about trying to get fit, darling?''

''I've dipped my toe in the water.''

Mon 12:07:12


"So I like my Freddos. So what? Looks like you could do with cutting down on the chocolate yourself!"

new entryMon 18:22:52


Just as he was about to be eaten the children came out to play and the heron flew off, startled. The frog is safe ... at least for now.

new entryMon 15:27:27


"This pond is so friendly, I don't know what I've done to get such a response. The frogs around here either call me "Bud", others say I'm "wise", and some even call me "sir"

Mon 12:47:45


Living with Miss Piggy has taken its toll on Kermit.

Mon 12:46:53


Toad and the hole

Mon 12:04:10


"I've really gotta cut back on those beers. They got more hops than me."

Mon 12:03:14


"So, tell us what it's like being a spawn star."

Mon 12:00:12


Frogs Porn

Mon 12:00:03

Pond scum --Mr Dome


new entry9:46:18


“♫ Halfway down the stairs is the stair that I sit... It doesn’t rea..♫“
“OKAY, Stop! That’s enough thank you..We’ll be in touch.”

new entry4:00:49


He's just been fed. His fly is downed.

new entryMon 22:34:03


My first time at a nudist resort. Couldn't go all the way tho, I've still got my opened toad sandals on.

new entryMon 20:10:48


The pilates is really paying off.

new entryMon 18:27:20


"Impressive...but can you sit like a lady?"

new entryMon 17:35:09


"When I was a kid, I used to go down to the pond - y'know - to caption frogs."

new entryMon 16:28:10


"Master, how DEEP am I deep in illusion?..."


new entryMon 15:23:18


"I want you to draw me like one of your French girls."

new entryMon 15:18:27


The one that Melania now wishes she didn't let get away.

Mon 13:34:57


"I'm not playing leap frog with Mr Schoefield, I've been caught out like that before."

Mon 13:30:33


He dipped his Toads in the water.

Mon 13:24:45


"I'm determined that one day my Prince will come."

Mon 13:01:38


What happened when the Princess kissed her husband’s Uncle Andrew.

Mon 12:59:05


*Cue Barry White music* "If you want a good time, babe, why don't you hop on over to my pad?"

Mon 12:56:16


Jabba the Gut

Mon 12:53:41


I didn't know that spawnographic photos were allowed on

Mon 12:52:44


"No! I wouldn't say posing for the camera is particularly ribbeting"

Mon 12:25:00


I'm a Prince. Could anyone please transfer me $700? - I will ensure a great return on the investment to anyone who is willing to take up this kind gesture...

Mon 12:22:31


Today we discuss the sex life of frogs - warts and all

Mon 12:19:27


''Is it difficult to get a body like that?''

''It's as easy as falling off a log.''

Mon 12:16:35


"I went for the whole body wax just for you baby."

Mon 12:09:10


"Sitting in this position helps with my spawndylitis."

Mon 12:03:53


"Leave me alone, am sad...been chasing her for months, finally had to balls to propose on Valentines day..for all that, she walks away calling me a 'muppet'!"

Mon 12:01:31


"I have absolutely no recollection how to swim."

Mon 12:01:08


You want large flies with that?

Mon 12:00:44


He’s attempted dieting, but he couldn’t Kermit to it.

Mon 12:00:27


Jabba the Frog

Mon 12:00:21


I'm not terribly happy with that cosmetic surgeon.

Mon 12:00:08

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