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Russia claims drugs have never been taken by their swimming team
Russia claims drugs have never been taken by their swimming team photo | portfolio
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Russia claims drugs have never been taken by their swimming team

Wed 20:50:33


look at the mussels on him

Wed 20:00:45


It's refreshing to see a picture of Trump without his wig and makeup.

Wed 20:26:42


He was a C monster who wanted to break into B movies.

Thu 6:50:24

This caption was D-lightful. --Willie Johnson

“i’m a single mom with great abs.”

Thu 0:58:31


Never leave a Lidl Gherkin next to the radiator

Wed 20:44:38


Daryl Hannah had over done it with the plastic surgery.

Wed 20:35:41


Dave was disappointed by the response from his Plenty of Fish membership.

Wed 20:07:55


Ok global warming was not a myth

Wed 20:01:26


Brooke Shields from 'The Blue Lagoon' has not aged well

Wed 20:01:12


Gill Bill

Wed 20:01:02


He's my old sea pal. I probably should drop him a line.

Wed 20:00:19


Ahh a scene from that classic movie, License to Krill.

Wed 20:00:06


New Years Day Selfie!

Thu 6:36:36


On the upside of Chernobyl, the locals did have more interesting goldfish.

Wed 22:57:03


"He's not to everyone's taste, but I think he's quite the catch"

Wed 21:41:23


I've had some weird wet dreams over the years...but this...

Wed 20:52:33


"Kraken a smile"

Wed 20:28:15


"Actually they're genital warts... I've been genitally modified."

Wed 20:23:17


"for the last time, I am not Jar Jar Binks"

Wed 20:20:51


"Great, the wife's gone to bed, I can watch porn. Ok, google...juicy lips, big flaps and really moist..."

Wed 21:31:58


"And on this week's Undateables ..."

Wed 20:53:09


I used to date fishermen but then I caught something nasty.

Wed 20:46:54


Oh my God! As I sit pondering this picture I receive an email saying Russell Brand is coming to New Zealand in March 2020!

Would anybody in England have a spare bed around that time? I don't want to risk running into him.

Wed 20:18:55


I'm starving, I could murder "fishermen and ships"

Wed 20:07:53


Toady McBloatface

Wed 20:00:11


Can i count on your float tomorrow

Wed 20:00:08


Warnings are being circulated on social media, of the side effects of eating too many sprouts this Xmas.

Thu 6:34:57


“ I thought I was from the black lagoon, but it turns out I’m 28% Pacific Sea Otter.”

Thu 0:51:36


"I will drain the swamp!"

Wed 23:29:14


"When you said you have an empty plate and look hungry, I'll find something to fillet .....

Wed 22:25:38


And this is why you should never let your kids put their sea monkeys under the microscope!

Wed 21:48:54


The Shape of Warter.

Wed 21:45:01


"Julie, stick some slap on, I'll take you down the pub"

Wed 20:51:31


I think I'll pass on that organism you offered.

Wed 20:26:00



Wed 20:23:26


"Aquaman's put on the algae, hasn't he?"

Wed 20:18:05


"I'm feeling a little bit green around the gills"

Wed 20:13:34


Dont worry guys, if he's not friendly we'll batter him.

Wed 20:06:25


"I have no recollection of sleeping with you... Thank God!"

Wed 20:06:08


I hear he is in search of a new gillfriend.

Wed 20:04:55


"Does my hair look ok?"

Wed 20:03:46


Dominic Craab.

Wed 20:01:43


"What are you doing in my swamp?!"

Wed 20:01:33


he's off to school

Wed 20:00:36


Reacher from the Black Lagoon

Wed 20:00:35

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