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Eating chocolate coins with the wrappers still on hurts a bit, but your poo looks fantastic.
Eating chocolate coins with the wrappers still on hurts a bit, but your poo looks fantastic. photo | portfolio
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Eating chocolate coins with the wrappers still on hurts a bit, but your poo looks fantastic.

Wed 20:33:52

Faeces of eight --Mr Dome

After the unfortunate incident with the parking meter, the Tortoise decided to take it slow and steady.

Wed 20:19:26


Farthing Wood.

Wed 21:50:13


How hard are people throwing coins into this wishing well.

Wed 20:23:00


The Wishing well's dried up.

Wed 21:30:35


The Ha'penning

Wed 20:01:09


“Amy, don’t forget to take the bag of coins out of my jeans pocket before you put them in the tumble dryer…and where’s the dog?...”

Wed 20:00:30


International Moneytree Fund

Wed 20:33:54


Large collection of early Roman coins go under the hammer at Sotheby's.

Wed 20:02:25


See a penny, pick it up, unless of course, it’s stuck in muck

Wed 20:01:25

Find a penny...pick it up ...all day long you'll extra penny. --stone face

Uri Geller's first job at the local amusement arcade was very short-lived.

Wed 20:00:31


“Seriously Dave, you need to see a doctor about your genitals”

Wed 20:00:17


It’s amazing what you find down the back of your sofa

Wed 20:00:09


Stumped for cash

Wed 21:11:16


Coin of the elm

Wed 21:04:31


Bread Rock

Wed 20:04:33


"I thought you were stony-broke?"

Wed 20:00:49


It must be a coinifer tree

Wed 20:00:11


The pounded sterling

Wed 20:00:08


Designer Lava

Thu 5:09:04



Thu 3:31:59



Thu 1:12:40


Climate change is real!

Thu 1:01:13


Boris: Funding for NHS and social care already assured.

Wed 23:57:55


Concerns grow over the appearance of Paul Gascoin.

Wed 22:24:17


"I ain't afraid of no groats."

Wed 21:16:35


You do it for luck I was told, so I banged a two pound coin in and went back three days later.There was still no change.

Wed 21:14:59


Ash in the attic.

Wed 21:00:55


After nearly an hour, I've just realised I'm looking at a pile of bent coins. At last the penny has dropped.

Wed 20:57:58


I promise I didn't want to vote for this photo, I was coined into it.

Wed 20:56:02


The National Lottree...It could be yew!

Wed 20:55:55


Penny for your forts

Wed 20:55:08


"Quick Doris...pass me the metal detector"

Wed 20:53:58


Bloody thieving magpie!

Wed 20:48:15


"Bloody banks. Have you ever tried getting money out at your local branch?"

Wed 20:45:07


Forestry commision

Wed 20:37:55


Bark of England

Wed 20:28:38



Wed 20:25:19


"Big tub of superglue and my barrel of coins...Tipped over the side of the boat, what's the worst that can happen?

Shit!! How was I to know there was a passing whale."

Wed 20:24:51


Penny Bizarre.

Wed 20:19:25


What is this strange specie?

Wed 20:15:50


"I only asked you to cross my palm with silver."

Wed 20:13:55


You need to coin a phrase to caption this.

Wed 20:06:01


At the pet cemetery, all dog collar tags were en-graved!

Wed 20:05:40


Treesure grove

Wed 20:05:08


A place of interest.

Wed 20:04:58


Mother Shipton pulled a lot of bent coppers.

Wed 20:04:34


It must've been a cashew tree

Wed 20:04:32

Or a Cash Yew? --Willie Johnson

🎵 "Money… It's a hit" 🎶

Wed 20:04:31


Twist or fold?

Wed 20:03:19


Piggy Bark

Wed 20:01:39


If you looked closely, it was clear that Dave really enjoyed being buried in the shingle.

Wed 20:00:18


My wife's potty about hoarding American coins. It makes no Cents to me.

Wed 20:00:12

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