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The Wolf Vote score: 18295The Wolf

Oh no, not more Johnson supporters.

10/09/19 20:00:16

One is all I need. --Willie Johnson
Vivvy En Vote score: 11679Vivvy En

I wouldn't - he's a bit of a knob

10/09/19 20:24:29

Sam Cass Vote score: 1007Sam Cass

What a way to make Tom and Harry feel like shyte!

10/09/19 20:40:50

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37295Tony Edwards

Dick's got the clap.

10/09/19 20:13:46

John  Glover Vote score: 22902John Glover

"What about Dave!"

10/09/19 20:06:43

Dave Bryan Vote score: 26643Dave Bryan

''We just can't keep our Nixon.''

11/09/19 7:49:37

stone face Vote score: 10117stone face

They are always looking for new members.

10/09/19 20:02:54

The Wolf Vote score: 18295The Wolf

General Erection

10/09/19 20:00:06

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14364Neil Mackenzie

Tom and Harry felt dejected.

10/09/19 20:44:14

  Smuldo Vote score: 11761 Smuldo

Elect Oral Vote

10/09/19 20:41:06

Sauce Pan Vote score: 231Sauce Pan

They pick Dick, but willy pick them?

10/09/19 20:05:15

I would Willie think so. --Willie Johnson
Crunchy Chords Vote score: 7352Crunchy Chords
Oh no, not more Johnson supporters.

10/09/19 20:00:43

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 38815Welsh Rarebit

Bet the protest won't make a vas deferens to the outcome.

10/09/19 20:00:25

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