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James Lennox Vote score: 16325James Lennox

"Look at that old lady swallowing a fly. Should we avoid her?"

"Nah, looks like she's chasing a spider now. We should be fine."

02/09/19 7:57:49

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

"Alright Dave? Remember me? From the park last Thursday? We got drunk and spent the night dancing...fine, how rude"

02/09/19 7:21:20

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18251Dan Nicholls

"But I AM an owl."
"You are not, and you are not coming to sea. Good day."

02/09/19 7:09:06

stone face Vote score: 10117stone face

"Ok..Ok ..I lied a bit and you lied a bit.

But come on..everyone lies on their Tinder profile."

02/09/19 8:29:21

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29747Dave Bryan

''You may not love me now but I'll crow on you.''

02/09/19 7:15:38

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18251Dan Nicholls

"Did I tell you about the time I ate half a mouse fresh off the motorway?"
"No, do carrion."

02/09/19 7:07:50

Molly R Vote score: 4221Molly R

"So I said to him - no, no, listen, this is really funny! - I said - this was in reply to that thing he said - so I took a deep breath and I said..."

"P*ss off."

02/09/19 7:00:57

Haha!Actually I think I would like it even better without the "p*ss off", just focusing on the talkative bird. :^)Crunchy (your voter) --Crunchy Chords
Generic RedHead Vote score: 1064Generic RedHead

Crow: "Then the woman at the airport said to me 'any carry on?', then i said no thank you I've just eaten. Get it? Carry on sounds like carrion"
Cat: "This is why i cant take you to parties"

02/09/19 13:51:51

larry G. Vote score: 1479larry G.

"I'll be tagging along for a while kitty. We're in a no-fly zone."

02/09/19 16:05:28

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16800Mr Dome

Why kill the other 23 and spare me?

02/09/19 10:14:57

Stan Peters Stan Peters

Tom ... you kill, I'll clean up afterwards, Deal or No Deal?
Don't bring Brexit into this Jack

02/09/19 7:14:59

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