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"Why are you upset...? I said Id give you a ring from Cartier."
"Why are you upset...? I said Id give you a ring from Cartier." photo | portfolio
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Vivvy En Vote score: 8078Vivvy En


"Why are you upset...? I said 'I'd give you a ring from Cartier'."

03/09/19 13:31:20

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and votes. I am reeling from the shock! To be in the captioners gallery is an accolade I truly never expected. I am honoured. A big thank you goes to Chris for providing this platform for us lovers of word... --Vivvy En
The Wolf Vote score: 13228The Wolf

Blue t-shirt, with a dog, wearing sunglasses and outside Cartier. Oh my god he looked so much better on his profile picture. How do I get out of it"¦Think, Kate, THINK!...

"Hi Dave? It's Kate. I'm really sorry it's last minute but I won't be able to make it today. Weirdly I slipped on a lemon meringue pie in my garage and severed my toes on the third rung of an old rusty ladder, leaving me incapacitated and requiring a tetanus jab. Additionally, as I hit the floor, my neighbour pulled in his Land Rover and ran me over, so I don't think I'll be able to meet anytime soon. I'm really sorry"

"Kate don't worry. I thought you were ugly anyway"

03/09/19 12:01:55

Haha, y'beat me to it! --Greg Curtis
Tiny Alien Vote score: 581Tiny Alien

Where the bloody hell are you, I've been stood here for 40 minutes, I need a shit Sue.

03/09/19 12:31:58

Stephen Bean Vote score: 17862Stephen Bean

"Mate, this jewellery robbery's gonna take longer than I thought. My guide dog's stuck outside the butchers."

03/09/19 12:45:59

James Lennox Vote score: 8912James Lennox

"Everything's in place. Roll the Pink Panther music."

03/09/19 12:39:52

Anna Caddy Vote score: 309Anna Caddy

Fido: Euuww! His farts are somethin' else

03/09/19 12:33:09

Dave Bryan Vote score: 15705Dave Bryan

''I wouldn't dream of taking the dog to the pub, darling. He's chasing a rabbit as I speak.''

03/09/19 12:13:58

Mr Dome  Vote score: 12078Mr Dome

Hello yes is that the fashion police? I'd like to report a suicide

03/09/19 18:11:50

Mr Dome  Vote score: 12078Mr Dome

Oh how we love British men's style

03/09/19 17:43:22

Glad You Remember Vote score: 1141Glad You Remember

"Alright, fine, I'll look for a man-and-dog yoga class but I'm telling you now, there isn't one."

03/09/19 13:27:35

Willie Johnson Vote score: 2939Willie Johnson

Not a caption: I just realized I have the same type of Crocs, same color too.

03/09/19 12:28:05

Have a vote ..and I hope everyone else votes for you ,so you can win the monthly fifty quid and buy yourself some decent shoes.....Only jokey --stone face
John  Glover Vote score: 21830John Glover

"They wouldn't let me in to pick up your ring because I wasn't wearing a tie."

03/09/19 12:20:28

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 15602Vanessa the Guesser

Michael Canine stars in 'Get Cartier'

03/09/19 12:01:36

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 6078Karyn Harrison

Paris Hilton's let herself go.

03/09/19 12:01:04

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11998Neil Mackenzie

Hello help line, I have misplaced my guide dog, I have got somebody else's dog, it has led me to I don't know where?

03/09/19 22:36:46

Sam Cass Vote score: 1007Sam Cass

A cute dog. Talking loudly on my phone about my businesses in Paris. Studied carelessness about my footwear. Standing near a jewellery store. Check, check, check, check! The women are going to come running!

03/09/19 20:23:59

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5344Lucky Elperro

"Listen Doc, I've been doing the walking exercises everyday for six months. It's had an effect on the wife's Great Dane, but I'm still a porker".

03/09/19 17:40:35

larry G. Vote score: 1471larry G.

"Damn, we just passed up a nice fire hydrant."

03/09/19 17:07:15

Mr Dome  Vote score: 12078Mr Dome

Croc Monsieur

03/09/19 13:48:39

Glad You Remember Vote score: 1141Glad You Remember

"OK, we're getting a crowd. Say sausages."

03/09/19 13:26:20

Glad You Remember Vote score: 1141Glad You Remember

"Cartier ... income tax ... I never asked you to be a candidate for Vietnam or Watergate ... OK, you ride your bicycle ... yes, where you like. Bye."

03/09/19 13:09:03

Tony Edwards Vote score: 34317Tony Edwards

Crocodile Dundeecake

03/09/19 12:49:40

stone face Vote score: 9850stone face

" The dogs great he's really enjoying the day out.
The kids...the err kids are great to ..They're here right next to me stuffing their gobs with MacDonalds. Quick say bye to your mum kids...Mbyye Moorm wuv you."

03/09/19 12:41:00

The Wolf Vote score: 13228The Wolf

For f*ck sake, at this rate I'll end up as fat as he is. This is his third stop in twenty minutes. Anyone would think he was the one with little legs.

03/09/19 12:35:50

Anna Caddy Vote score: 309Anna Caddy

Is that the doctor's surgery? I've just shat a small dog!

03/09/19 12:30:28

Tony Edwards Vote score: 34317Tony Edwards

Paunch and Judy

03/09/19 12:13:30

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 15834Dan Nicholls

Neil Ruddock contemplates his debut on Masterchef and wonders why he suddenly fancies a hotdog.

03/09/19 12:05:22

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 6078Karyn Harrison

Porky and Bess

03/09/19 12:04:30

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