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Guinness World Record attempt by giraffe about to wing-walk on Alaskan plane...
Guinness World Record attempt by giraffe about to wing-walk on Alaskan plane... photo | portfolio
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Guinness World Record attempt by giraffe about to wing-walk on Alaskan plane...

Thu 20:00:32

The sky's already full of Jumbos! --Karyn Harrison

"What flight is she coming in on?"
"I'm not sure, Al ask 'er."

Thu 20:08:08

Ore probably has gone to ask "Can Ada come out to play?" --John Glover


Thu 20:02:27


Giant moles cause turmoil at airport.

new entryFri 7:24:39


A plane has been quarantined after passengers were reported to have been drinking bottles of beer with lime segments. Authorities believe they've been infected with the Corona virus.

Thu 20:00:38


2083: The sea level has risen 29,000 feet. Mankind now lives on an artificial land mass. Planes no longer fly, but they still take sight-seeing tours past Mount Everest.

Thu 21:16:35


"Relax, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 software says we're cruising through the clouds."

new entryFri 3:20:40


Heads on Tails

Thu 21:39:21


🎵 What's that coming over the hill
Is it your sponsor? Is it your sponsor? 🎵

Thu 21:05:57


"Look out! Bank left! Bank left!"

Thu 20:17:49


"Thanks, Mr Putin, for giving me a mountain of dirt on Joe Biden," said Trump. "And here's your private jet to Russia's new territory."

Thu 20:00:22


It's annoying when there's someone on your tail.

Thu 20:00:10


It's a Hero-plane

new entryFri 7:34:10


You fly high with Bob Marley Alaska, judging by the amount of grass!

new entryFri 6:45:50


Peaked Alaska.

Fri 0:10:56


Bob Ross: "Why don't we put a happy little dirt mound right here?"

Thu 22:13:55


After global warming, Alaska changed its motto to "The Dirt Mound State."

Thu 22:11:46


Nearly landed inuit

Thu 21:49:44


In mound flights only

Thu 21:07:11


Termites. What a frigging eyesore

Thu 20:55:25


Dave well and truly has his head in the clouds

Thu 20:54:46


Everyone thinks that since winning £425m on the lottery Dave is on an ego trip with putting his face everywhere but really he's well grounded

Thu 20:54:20


"Retard.. retard.."
"Right, fly the damn thing yourself."

Thu 20:15:51


"Dad, is that the cock pit?"

Thu 20:13:26


"We're gonna need a bigger crane," said Dave

Thu 20:12:27


Park and hide

Thu 20:10:16


"Ayers Rock doesn't look that impressive."

Thu 20:08:13


Low plane threshold

Thu 20:04:17


*cue Thunderbirds music*

Thu 20:01:14


In plane sight

Thu 20:01:06

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