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Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

"Note to self: remember to tell Mrs Dawson not to move the furniture around when I'm returning from my time travel experiments."

08/07/19 20:14:47

Vivvy En Vote score: 11286Vivvy En

He's become part of the furniture...

08/07/19 20:14:31

Chris Keegan Vote score: 13234Chris Keegan

When I said make yourself comfortable....

08/07/19 20:11:48

  Smuldo Vote score: 11761 Smuldo

After hearing his wife and her friends were having an Ann Summers party, Mike was determined to catch a glimpse of the action.

08/07/19 20:09:49

stone face Vote score: 10117stone face


08/07/19 21:13:59

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

"We've trapped the killer in here, Sarge- there's absolutely no way out and he'll have to-
he's disappeared!"

08/07/19 20:16:38

  Smuldo Vote score: 11761 Smuldo


08/07/19 20:01:45

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 2996Karen Oakenfull

....and when a genie appeared from the brass lamp I was polishing, I knew I was being set up by my mates, so when the genie granted me 3 wishes, I thought I'd play along. For my first wish, I asked for a million pounds. There was a puff of smoke and a million quid was piled up in front of me. Wow! This was the best prank ever.
For my second wish, I asked for beautiful, sexy women to fancy me wherever I went. He clicked his fingers and suddenly I was surrounded by hot babes. I couldn't believe this was happening! He asked me for my final wish, (and I regret this now.) I said I wanted to be a green chair with real arms and legs...."

08/07/19 20:56:12

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19571Vanessa the Guesser

One of the Chippendales

08/07/19 20:00:46

Stephen Bean Vote score: 29782Stephen Bean


08/07/19 20:00:14

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