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Bucket and Spayed
Bucket and Spayed photo | portfolio
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The Wolf Vote score: 4658The Wolf

Bucket and Spayed

28/06/19 19:13:37

stone face Vote score: 5695stone face

Have you ever saw an all white dalmation.

I spotted one the other day.

28/06/19 20:00:13

Chris Keegan Vote score: 7061Chris Keegan

"Mate! You with the bucket of black paint, you've ruined my dog!!"

28/06/19 19:51:49

James Lennox Vote score: 3350James Lennox

The 101 Dalmatians reunion gets smaller every year.

28/06/19 19:03:25

Scrappy Doo Vote score: 1290Scrappy Doo

Eternal Dalmnation

28/06/19 20:51:48

Ian Skelding Vote score: 20964Ian Skelding

"Down Stripe, down."

28/06/19 19:30:03

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 37387Welsh Rarebit

"I look a right woofter in this pink harness and lead", mutters Dave the dalmatian to himself.

28/06/19 19:03:20

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 9515Neil Mackenzie

The dog never said “Get your coat.” He just pulled.

28/06/19 21:29:12

Willie Johnson Vote score: 703Willie Johnson

Apparently the dog sees the cat in the sink to the right.

28/06/19 20:58:42

John  Glover Vote score: 19534John Glover

"Spot the dog."
"There it is on the pink lead."
"No, Spot, the dog."
"As I said, just there on the pink lead."
"No, that's the dog's name, stupid."
"Pink Lead, what a bloody daft name that is."

28/06/19 20:06:10

Mr Dome  Vote score: 7628Mr Dome

It's normaly me pulling a dog on a Friday night

28/06/19 19:57:32

Vivvy En Vote score: 4695Vivvy En

"Hey kid, wanna see some puppies?" said Pongo.

28/06/19 19:45:07

James Lennox Vote score: 3350James Lennox

1 Dalmation

28/06/19 19:01:39

The Wolf Vote score: 4658The Wolf

I can't believe I have to take this bloody dog for a walk...thought the baby.

28/06/19 19:00:13

Sam Cass Vote score: 805Sam Cass

Pink harness, huh? Well, every dog has his gay.

29/06/19 0:28:08

Stephen Bean Vote score: 4949Stephen Bean

"You're a stray leading me!"

28/06/19 22:16:06

Poxy Jock Vote score: 74Poxy Jock

Mum, move your fat arse, I want to see the dog with Miss DeVil

28/06/19 19:12:53

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 37387Welsh Rarebit

Spot The Bollock Competition

28/06/19 19:00:11

It's in the pram. --Michael Winner
Carey Sutton Vote score: 828Carey Sutton

"I don't want to be spotted at pride"

29/06/19 10:43:27

Willie Johnson Vote score: 703Willie Johnson

The dog is straining to get out of his pink halter top.

29/06/19 9:21:17

Dave Bryan Vote score: 5821Dave Bryan

''Fifi has not been herself recently. I hope she doesn't lick the bucket.''

29/06/19 5:51:25

C CaMel Vote score: 4821C CaMel

Tommy Cooper Pooper Scooper

28/06/19 20:50:15

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 13350Dan Nicholls

Join the dogs

28/06/19 19:34:22

Poxy Jock Vote score: 74Poxy Jock

What's in the bucket?, what's in the bucket? Just let me see!

28/06/19 19:11:05

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 5928Hercules Rockefeller

"Quick, Patty, bring me to the nearest fire hydrant."

28/06/19 19:02:29

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