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Blankety-Blank was getting increasingly desperate towards the end of its run
Blankety-Blank was getting increasingly desperate towards the end of its run photo | portfolio
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Blankety-Blank was getting increasingly desperate towards the end of its run

new entryFri 16:49:11


"...and, ONE MORE THING: No texting while driving."

new entryFri 13:30:04


287 crashes caused by trying to read sign so far.

new entryFri 17:36:32


Recovering anorexics need to watch out for any sign of weight loss.

new entryFri 15:22:36


Note to optician appointment I keep seeing black squares.

new entryFri 13:32:44


"Sorry, I have a short attention span."

new entryFri 12:48:17


"Has anyone found my kite? It was last seen flying over the Department For Roads and Infrastructure"

new entryFri 12:15:09


"That's a bad sign."

new entryFri 12:00:46


Laden Bridge is Falling Down

new entryFri 17:42:06


Reason #227 why Google Maps will never replace The Knowledge

new entryFri 15:36:37


"How do we know if our car is to heavy?"
"Well you see that car down there, ......that one was."

new entryFri 15:17:55


"I can no longer understand what point Banksy is trying to make these days."

new entryFri 14:43:16


This includes Boris Johnson on a bicycle.

new entryFri 14:38:35


Obey the sign or you'll find you're taking on the rhombus.

new entryFri 13:56:47


He's not heavy he's my brother.

new entryFri 13:19:33


Bridge of font Size

new entryFri 13:09:54


I hate having to read so much - it makes me cross!!

new entryFri 13:00:40


"What about a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy?"

new entryFri 12:54:01


"Put your foot down...bridge it Jones!"

new entryFri 12:46:27


F*cking small print

new entryFri 12:42:19


I can’t read most of this. It’s clearly a bridge too far.

new entryFri 12:37:09


...or vehicles over 3' 9" wide.

new entryFri 12:19:08


You don't want to leave a trailer destruction.

new entryFri 12:14:52


I know it's cold for your Mum but she is by far the heaviest. Now get out and walk Pam.

new entryFri 12:09:39


Weigh bridge

new entryFri 12:08:58


There's been tons of complaints about this sign.

new entryFri 12:07:56


''I'm going to cast off. Can you take the wheel, Pru?''

''Where do you want me to take it, Tim?''

new entryFri 12:07:18


"Eamonn, for Heaven's sake, don't walk across it."

new entryFri 12:05:21


Guess my weight.

new entryFri 12:04:10


I think I'll weight a while.

new entryFri 12:03:06


Bridging moan

new entryFri 12:02:18


The Severn of Diamonds

new entryFri 12:01:50


Axle Folly

new entryFri 12:00:11


Bridge of Size

new entryFri 12:00:03

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