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The Da Vinci chord.
The Da Vinci chord. photo | portfolio
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Well, Spycenwolf, like most musicians, you might end the month lacking the cash, but you're still a crowd favourite. Congrats anyway, great caption!




Thank you for your kind words, Crunchy Chords! I was chuffed to bits when my caption garnered so much love. I am truly grateful to all of you guys and girls for this.

I think that Welsh Rarebit's caption deservedly won. Apart from being hilarious, it also had the added quality of not using a pun just for the sake of it (though I'm a sucker for nonsensical puns as well), and it cleverly reworked that old saying. It made sense, and it fit the picture so well. I've found it very hard to hit all those notes in my captions. It was simply brilliant.

Oh, well, this just means that I'll just have to try harder in the future. :)


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