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Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19840Vanessa the Guesser


He's in for a shock. There's a conductor on board today.

27/04/19 12:09:49

I feel lucky to have won as I was up against some brilliant high scoring captions this month. Thank you for the votes, supervotes and kind comments!  --Vanessa the Guesser
Chris Keegan Vote score: 13766Chris Keegan

Pete's waiting for his swimming coach

27/04/19 12:24:20

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37295Tony Edwards

There will be a stream of buses along soon.

27/04/19 12:14:09

The Wolf Vote score: 18295The Wolf

Just wading for the bus"¦

27/04/19 12:00:05

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 6766Tosser Wivlov

Here it comes, two ducks, 22.

27/04/19 13:09:09

Stu Dent Vote score: 5657Stu Dent

What we need is more dam busses on this route

27/04/19 12:03:09

Dave Bryan Vote score: 26643Dave Bryan

''I'm staying here until a bus arrives come hell or high water.''

27/04/19 12:02:49

Lawrence Day Vote score: 596Lawrence Day

With all that water hope he is wearing drainpipe trousers.

27/04/19 12:45:50

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