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Second hand shop
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Second hand shop

Thu 12:46:52


Arm-y surplus

Thu 12:11:20


"Quick show of hands, who's currently feeling disengaged?"

Thu 12:07:54


“Come on then, as it’s Valentine’s Day, who wants to be attached to some body?”

Thu 12:00:08


A bunch of gropes

Thu 14:25:07


Mannequins were up in arms about their conditions of work.

Thu 13:16:50


"Who wants to stroke my pussy?"

Thu 12:06:10


I’ve just been raided by MI5. I had to admit I was a major player in the arms industry.

Thu 12:00:05


Just another day at the United Nations.

Thu 12:37:05


Even dummies have the right to bare arms.

Thu 12:00:14


The long arm of ye-law

new entrySat 23:43:15


"Who wants to use the powder room?"

Fri 17:17:52


"Now class, who knows why they stopped making anatomically correct mannequins?"

Thu 19:42:41


The #Metoo movement goes to a whole new level

Thu 19:06:50


G love Box

Thu 16:46:45


"Call on me teacher-Iknow the answer! I know the answer!

Thu 16:26:10


It's Valentine's, give us a ring.

Thu 15:30:34


After last night I’m all fingers and thumbs.

Thu 14:39:48


“Four hand dolls?”

Thu 14:21:03


"It must be Bob-a-Job Week when the Scouts lend a hand"

Thu 14:18:45


In this industry you'll get nowhere without hand jobs.

Thu 13:17:41


♪ Which hand is your hand? Which hand is my hand...? ♪

Thu 13:09:43


Handle with care.

Thu 13:04:44


Theresa May caught smuggling "ayes" into latest Brexit vote!

Thu 12:46:00


The Government's attempts to portray diversity through the medium of art is a bit prosthetic

Thu 12:19:33


The final word on limbless dummies: There's no arm in them.

Thu 12:06:46


"Boss, there's a weird Irish bloke called Paddy at the counter, he keeps whispering that he's come to pick up a box of assorted arms?"

Thu 12:06:44


A Farewell To Arms?

Thu 12:03:59


The annual mannequin conference was hit and miss. Some embraced the atmosphere and used the opportunity to raise questions, others though found it boring. One Mannequin was so bored in fact, his knee fell asleep.

Thu 12:03:00


"Can we go to the toilet?"

Thu 12:02:19


A Limb-erick

It’s unorthodox,
To put in a box,
All kinds of arms,
To use as charms,
To find lost socks.

Thu 12:02:15


"Hands up those who want to join the Army?"

Thu 12:00:41


Now, who wants to be school Diversity Officer?

Thu 12:00:09


In limbo

Thu 12:00:04

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