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Its not very long, the funfair is shite.... said Neptune as he started to diss a pier
Its not very long, the funfair is shite.... said Neptune as he started to diss a pier photo | portfolio
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'It's not very long, the funfair is shite....' said Neptune as he started to diss a pier

Thu 9:05:16


Ferry's wheel.

Thu 8:23:06


"Bloody seagull. That's the second cheeseburger I've lost this week!"

Thu 8:50:56



Thu 11:23:33


Take one three times a day with plenty of water ...

Thu 9:58:32


I remember when Wagon Wheels were that big

Thu 8:13:13


"That’s the last time I ride that bl**dy unicycle."

Thu 8:02:00


“Save Ferris!”

Thu 8:29:07


Wheel of Neptune

Thu 8:00:25


Neptune loses his grip on the revolution...

Thu 11:07:46


The long arm of the shore.

Thu 10:24:15


The Quay-stone Corpse

Thu 8:18:30


"At least I've got my fidget wheel."

Thu 8:08:20


Ok sure, a giant has surfaced on the beach and his arm has turned into a monster which is about to eat a family enjoying a ride on a Ferris wheel, but you know, people are starving in the world, let's put it into perspective

Thu 8:00:58


He wasn't small to ride.

Thu 19:37:57




Thu 12:04:54


Anguish Foreshore

Thu 11:54:35


I hate those mechanical sea side games when the crane drops your prize just at the last second.

Thu 11:50:18


"These human being flippers are great fun" thought the ogre.

Thu 10:50:17


"All abeard!"

Thu 10:26:46


I wondered what happened to thing from the addams family.

Thu 10:22:44

Thanks Typo --Lawrence Day

Having been born on a Monday, Gulliver is fair of face.

Thu 9:51:24


Pier head

Thu 9:49:14


"That was a Pose I'd done."

Thu 9:41:30


"Jeezuz! This is my first and last manicure."

Thu 9:07:31


"I wish I could turn off that damn spoking dock."

Thu 8:25:31


The morning after Poseidon's stag do.

Thu 8:23:42


He never spoke before.

Thu 8:22:12


He couldn’t swim anymore he was too tyred.

Thu 8:22:11


Hand-eye coordination

Thu 8:21:19


♫ Ferris cross the Mersey

Thu 8:18:15


''We don't just let anyone ride on the wheel. All our customers are hand picked.''

Thu 8:11:04


A scene from the cult classic...'Hamsters From Hell'

Thu 8:09:44


Sculptured Art on the beach? I'm not a fan.

Thu 8:09:28


"This isn't fair! Nobody said anything about quicksand!"

Thu 8:07:04


"Noooo! My captions won't load!"

Thu 8:03:10


Dragon wheel

Thu 8:01:43


Beachy Head

Thu 8:01:35


Wheel of fortune cookie

Thu 8:00:56


Wheel of Misfortune

Thu 8:00:40


Planet of the Apes (first draft)...

Carleton Heston: “God damn you all to Hull Fair!"

Thu 8:00:29

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