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It would seem weve signed a new player...
It would seem weve signed a new player... photo | portfolio
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Chris Keegan Vote score: 12057Chris Keegan

It would seem we've signed a new player...

20/11/19 8:00:25

Stephen Bean Vote score: 23895Stephen Bean

He's been waiting ages for his transfer.

20/11/19 8:16:36

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 17350Dan Nicholls

Come on Paul, how difficult is it to spell 'leg'?

20/11/19 9:13:38

Chris Keegan Vote score: 12057Chris Keegan

And he's got RIGHT on the other

20/11/19 8:11:25

It says "LEFT"? Is that because he plays left out? --Willie Johnson
  Smuldo Vote score: 11761 Smuldo

The game ended in a Draw.

20/11/19 8:04:50

You're welcome. I voted for version 1. I prefer that. --Karyn Harrison
James Lennox Vote score: 11535James Lennox

I can't quite make out the tattoo, but based on body language I'm guessing it reads LGBT.

20/11/19 8:01:17

Dave Bryan Vote score: 21436Dave Bryan

Breaking News: Last night Paul Vause was expelled from the Royal Photographic Society. We are not expecting any further developments.

20/11/19 8:06:13

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 17904Vanessa the Guesser

Femur Pitch

20/11/19 8:05:38

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