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Chris Keegan Vote score: 14159Chris Keegan

Reader's Digest

17/12/18 20:00:10

Smuldo Vote score: 11761Smuldo

"Mr Smith, Its about your Appendix..."

17/12/18 20:01:12

Charlie  Depp Vote score: 21415Charlie Depp

Where's Willy?

17/12/18 20:00:12

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 9186Karyn Harrison

Mr Grey's anatomy

17/12/18 20:00:18

Pussy Galore Vote score: 7065Pussy Galore

We're sorry Mr Lecter, you won't be allowed to bring your recipe book into prison.

17/12/18 20:00:24

GeeDee Vote score: 2976GeeDee

so that's what happened to Burt Reynolds

17/12/18 22:14:42

stone face Vote score: 10117stone face

" Here's the x-ray of Mr Jones after he swallowed a smoke alarm."

17/12/18 20:29:02

Pussy Galore Vote score: 7065Pussy Galore

"I can't seem to find an illustration of the fat layers."
"Have you looked in the Body Mass Index?"

17/12/18 20:28:51

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32005Ian Skelding

An offal book

17/12/18 20:10:18

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12517Hercules Rockefeller

The original version of the game Operation wasn't very fun at all.

17/12/18 20:06:34

This was the photographer's favourite caption and would have got a supervote if I'd had one at the time! It reminded me of playing operation when I was a kid... Thank you for making me laugh so much. --Funny Bean
Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 38815Welsh Rarebit

"That's a good idea, I'll buy my wife a personal organ-iser for Christmas."

17/12/18 20:01:34

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