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Warning: May contain nuts.
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Dan Nicholls Vote score: 17726Dan Nicholls

Warning: May contain nuts.

06/08/18 13:04:19

Chris Keegan Vote score: 12573Chris Keegan

"Darling, just to let you know, I'm bringing someone back for dinner tonight"

06/08/18 11:00:20

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36448Tony Edwards

For all the man-eaters out there.

06/08/18 11:30:12

Tina  Flowers Vote score: 663Tina Flowers

Great for a Son-day roast

06/08/18 13:06:38

Carey Sutton Vote score: 891Carey Sutton

Playing chicken

06/08/18 12:44:44

Leroy Brown Vote score: 8087Leroy Brown

I prefer dark meat.

06/08/18 11:20:44

Leroy Brown Vote score: 8087Leroy Brown

Can I get this with a 6 pack?

06/08/18 11:14:20

Pussy Galore Vote score: 7065Pussy Galore

How can they call them free range when they've spent all their lives in a tower block?

06/08/18 11:01:55

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