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🎵 Tiptoe....through the two lips
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Mr Dome  Vote score: 14753Mr Dome

🎵 Tiptoe....through the two lips

16/08/18 23:27:15

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36448Tony Edwards

Jimmy Chews

16/08/18 19:25:26

Ian Skelding Vote score: 29474Ian Skelding

"Don't walk with your mouth full."

16/08/18 19:11:44

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36448Tony Edwards

Sole food

16/08/18 19:01:07

Chris Keegan Vote score: 12573Chris Keegan

Dave, I swear, ever since you had that hip replacement something's not quite right.

16/08/18 20:32:29

Dave Bryan Vote score: 23567Dave Bryan

Sadly, he didn't notice the dog shit.

16/08/18 19:06:59

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