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I do wish you hadnt had the five bean chilli for lunch.
I do wish you hadnt had the five bean chilli for lunch. photo | portfolio
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I do wish you hadn't had the five bean chilli for lunch.

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Things would've been even worse with a Sith! --Karyn Harrison

"If only we could be Teletubbies again!"
"Yeah, those were the days!"

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"They could at least have given us a chair to Sith on."

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“Darling, what on earth have you been feeding the tropical fish???”

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Monster Munch? --Karyn Harrison

"Whose turn is it to move and freak out the visitors?"

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He sat reflecting how George Lucas used to touch him on his no-no.

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That awkward moment when nobody tells you that the fancy-dress party is Star Wars themed, and you turn up as a member of the KKK and Ann Widdecombe

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Nobody coming to see us, nobody captioning us - I hate being in this museum.

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"Wait, all I had to do was break the glass? I'm so outta here."

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'Curses', thought the snow storm trooper, 'Trapped behind this invisible forcefield with only my snow beast and a blaster for help.'

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"I guess it's better than being frozen in carbonite."

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I'll take a half pound of Hoth sliced thinly please.

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She bowed her head, demurely clasped her hands and blushed profusely. No one had told her that the Dark Lord was such a flatterer.

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Taking a wee rest after their moving rendition of "We shall overcome some day".

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You promised to love and obey me.

Well you bloody promised me space travel!

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He sat down dejectedly, all that food and he’d forgot his can opener.

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“What are you in hospital for?”
“Crashed my speeder bike. And you?”
“Ate a rotten Tauntaun. Now I have Tar-Arse.”
“...They misspelt your sign-”
“I know!!!”

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Bobba Yeti

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Thay should be over on the dark side by right.

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How much is that wookie in the window?

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"Couldn't bloody resist it could you. You had to open your big hairy mouth and say, 'Luke, I am your father'."

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Is it the new Star Wars trailer?

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chewbacca should start thinking of using just for men.

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Or Just For Wookies. --Scrijjy Doo

"Serve the Emperor and kill the Rebels, sure I get that, but how am I supposed to go for a pee in this get up?"

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The worst was when they had to take a shower. Everyone could see them.

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Dave and Bryan.

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The Phantom Men-case

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Band members from ‘Sci Fi Death Gods’ enter the lift with a subtle clue from their Guitar Megastars van outside.

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