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Im Spidermans assistant. I look after his flies.
Im Spidermans assistant. I look after his flies. photo | portfolio
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''I'm Spiderman's assistant. I look after his flies.''

new entryWed 8:21:34


"I see that the dye from his face mask is not dry yet".

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You meet all manner of weirdos on the web.

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The first photo on to receive no captions.

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"So I'm too fat to wear a catsuit huh? Well guess what - I just happened to leave that little pair of scissors in the bar where we had that nice liquid lunch. Enjoy the rest of the day"

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Cindy was beginning to think that the pre Comic con bottomless prosecco brunch had not been a good idea

new entryWed 20:42:35


Wite-Out Girl never caught on.

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"Evidently the case against Spiderman has been squashed, unfortunately, he was underneath it."

new entryWed 15:27:28


No amount of fanning will disperse the regret of a broccoli salad.

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Dumb Blonde had held the super hero title of being the dumbest, until Diane Abbott came on the scene.

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"Taylor Swift?"..."yes,get one here as quickly as you can,my pants have ripped down the arse"

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Costume drama.

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Spiderman leaves his mark on his ménage à trois.

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"Wow, look at Doctor Octopuss's huge tentacles"

new entryWed 9:32:00


"Ooh, senses are tingling"

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What do you mean I have to do it with Spiderman?

new entryWed 8:29:36


Fart Girl and her boyfriend Peter Parper.

new entryWed 8:15:56


"Euww, the Invisible Man is poking my bottom with his hard on again."

new entryWed 8:12:25


Spiderman, Spiderfan, and Spiderhand.

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"Louise, that wasn't just a fart. Can you grab the bog roll please?"

new entryWed 8:03:23


"And then it blew out all over their faces, like this!"

Explosive Diarrhea Girl retells how she saved the day.

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This is Janet. Janet has a dodgy belly. Janet couldn't find the john. Now Janet is a party pooper.

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I always wondered how I'd feel on the day when I finally accepted that I was a lesbian. I'm not going to lie, the Spiderman party ruined it.

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