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stone face Vote score: 3115stone face


16/04/18 19:01:36

It did say this - it was the very first caption :) --Mr Dome
Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

This wouldn't have happened in the 70s. There were no prisoners taken then.

16/04/18 20:18:30

Mr Dome  Vote score: 5897Mr Dome

I hate playing against the Village People

16/04/18 19:06:17

Pablo Vote score: 3068Pablo

The referee awarded a death penalty.

17/04/18 9:56:06

Dave Mackay Vote score: 899Dave Mackay

"You're wasting your time. I can bend my free kick round that pane of glass".

16/04/18 20:15:06

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 8854Neil Mackenzie

He surrendered after a pitch invasion.

16/04/18 20:12:34

Pablo Vote score: 3068Pablo

"You're going to Gaaaaoooollll!"

17/04/18 7:52:26

Tony Edwards Vote score: 28374Tony Edwards

Robbie had a hand in creating both goals.

16/04/18 19:51:32

Chris Keegan Vote score: 4507Chris Keegan

At 17 - 0 surrender seemed the only real option.

16/04/18 19:28:08

Mr Dome  Vote score: 5897Mr Dome

Romeo, Romeo. Wear 4 art thou, Romeo?

16/04/18 19:04:46

Onceapun atime Onceapun atime

"Is this the right gesture or is it for American Football I always get the two confused"

18/04/18 3:47:20

larry G. Vote score: 1103larry G.

"See, I'm going to take a rattlers hiss with no hands!"

17/04/18 18:51:01

Gavin Smithers Vote score: 151Gavin Smithers

Having seen off the Mezzos, Juventus reach the final of the Mafia Cup where they'll meet the Sopranos.

16/04/18 22:38:23

larry G. Vote score: 1103larry G.

"I won the bet-my pits are dry!"

16/04/18 22:04:01

Tina  Flowers Vote score: 663Tina Flowers

Okay okay just explain the offside rule once more.

16/04/18 21:53:58

John  Glover Vote score: 18347John Glover

"Here he goes, bloody show off, scores a goal then does a triple back flip finished off by walking on his hands to the corner post."

16/04/18 21:20:05

Chris Keegan Vote score: 4507Chris Keegan

Apparently if your not Maradona God needs to use both hands.

16/04/18 21:13:02

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Roy of the roll overs.

16/04/18 21:06:37

Dave Bryan Vote score: 2913Dave Bryan

Hands up if you find pictures of footballers unbelievably boring.

16/04/18 19:43:41

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 7232Vanessa the Guesser

Pitch invader

16/04/18 19:26:22

Ian Skelding Vote score: 20003Ian Skelding

Goal hanger

16/04/18 19:11:17

Glyn Evans Vote score: 5070Glyn Evans

Sinkhole on the pitch...

16/04/18 19:04:15

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