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Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 38815Welsh Rarebit


Children should be seen and not blurred.

10/05/19 8:49:01

No ..that's exactly what I meant..I always propose to the monthly winner..and because am such a handsome bastard I just knew you'd say yes xx(PS I normally put in for a divorce once the fifty quid is spent.) --stone face
James Lennox Vote score: 14188James Lennox

Due to recent controversy, all red-headed children must be blurred in photos.

10/05/19 8:01:23

James Lennox Vote score: 14188James Lennox

"Put that back you little shit. My penis is not a raygun!"

10/05/19 8:11:49

Zak Toby1998 Vote score: 2401Zak Toby1998

"Hey, mummy, you can delete tinder and those rude photos I saw on your phone, I've made you a man of your own... I love you, mummy"

10/05/19 8:01:32

Joe Vote score: 1884Joe

Connor regretted buying that magnetic watch

10/05/19 8:33:18

Stephen Bean Vote score: 31206Stephen Bean

"Nan, are you sure this'll scare the birds away from your onions?"

10/05/19 8:14:03

Zak Toby1998 Vote score: 2401Zak Toby1998

"Malcolm, why is the lampshade from my bedroo... You little SHIT! "

10/05/19 8:02:55

Chris Keegan Vote score: 13866Chris Keegan

"Darling, the post man is at the door"

10/05/19 8:31:16

The Wolf Vote score: 18354The Wolf

"Hello sir, welcome to Midget World, do you have keys in your pocket? You seem to be setting off the metal detector"

10/05/19 8:30:50

James Lennox Vote score: 14188James Lennox

Apart from being fluent in over six million forms of communication, C-3PO could also provide an excellent shooting rest ... if encouraged.

10/05/19 8:20:03

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19874Vanessa the Guesser

Oz has shortest queues for heart transplants.

10/05/19 8:06:52

Dave Bryan Vote score: 26756Dave Bryan

''Nobody move or the tomato plant gets it.''

10/05/19 8:04:59

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