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Dot Old Vote score: 1225Dot Old

Dear Mr Beach

cc Captioneers

I'm just writing to te you how much I enjoy your website, I find it very entertaining and it rea y makes me augh.

I don't write very often as it takes me so
b oody ong on this typewriter. I'm saving up for a new one.

We , have a nice day.

Yours sincere y


04/10/20 7:20:51

"I didn't know he was called Mr Bleach" He is white isn't he? --Willie Johnson
Crunchy Chords Vote score: 4143Crunchy Chords

“Merry Christmas!”
“No 'L’!”

04/10/20 7:01:59

I didn't notice it was missing until I saw this and checked! --Molly R
Dave Bryan Vote score: 11824Dave Bryan

BREAKING NEWS: Owing to an increase in drunkenness, Martian typists have been told not to use the Space Bar.

04/10/20 7:21:01

Ian Skelding Vote score: 23158Ian Skelding

"You can have it in any colour, as long as it's Bronze."

04/10/20 8:40:39

Stephen Bean Vote score: 12469Stephen Bean

I'm not sure I approve of qwerty photos on a Sunday morning.
(photo police)

04/10/20 7:05:05

Dave Bryan Vote score: 11824Dave Bryan

How reassuring! If our computers stop working, we can always revert to type.

04/10/20 7:56:31

Stephen Bean Vote score: 12469Stephen Bean

This isn't really my type of photo.

04/10/20 7:02:46

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 13390Vanessa the Guesser

Anon upgrades from cutting out letters from newspapers.

04/10/20 7:19:50

wE haVe aNon. WE sEnd yOU aNOn'S tyPeWriTer 2 shOw yoU hOw SERIous wE aRe. dON't cONtacT tHe rOZZers. wE wANt 4 mILLIon IN uNmarKED bIlls. WE wiLL coNTAct yoU wITh fUTure INSTrucTIONsMe received this this morning. No wond... --Glyn Evans
stone face Vote score: 8280stone face

Sadly my relationship with Ford ended. He just wasn't my type.
And I thought I was really font of him.

04/10/20 7:01:35

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11104Neil Mackenzie

This was very popular.

04/10/20 17:20:19

Sam Bo Vote score: 28Sam Bo

It's a poor workman who bames his toos

04/10/20 17:07:19

The Wolf Vote score: 8882The Wolf

Ok Captioneers, I have a challenge for you. Try and type a caption on this in 3 seconds without copy and paste...

04/10/20 7:08:24

So please put down the polaroid camera and the superglue? --Glyn Evans
Willie Johnson Vote score: 1911Willie Johnson

We have anon....
( Nod to 8:19:50 )

04/10/20 17:48:06

And that's the first thing that backfired --Glyn Evans
John  Glover Vote score: 21009John Glover

When I got my first car, a Ford, It came with 'L' plates.

04/10/20 11:54:06

Ian Skelding Vote score: 23158Ian Skelding

"The A right up to T don't work very well."
"I told you not to buy vintage cars."

04/10/20 8:51:40

Vivvy En Vote score: 6555Vivvy En

There was one of these in our office. We had a platenic relationship.

04/10/20 8:48:26

Stu Dent Vote score: 4563Stu Dent

A old Ford Crappy

04/10/20 7:58:36

Molly R Vote score: 2193Molly R

I thought it would have gone faster than this.

04/10/20 7:06:36

Stephen Bean Vote score: 12469Stephen Bean

Please only use words from the Ox-ford English Dictionary.

04/10/20 7:03:12

Dot Old Vote score: 1225Dot Old

Ford? It's a Jaguar E-Typewriter

04/10/20 7:00:34

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