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What do mean, you left the toilet roll in the woods?
What do mean, you left the toilet roll in the woods? photo | portfolio
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What do mean, you left the toilet roll in the woods?

Sat 13:22:23


"What the hell is Goldilocks doing in our bed?"

Sat 14:43:47



Sat 12:43:18


“I wish the Zoo would just tell the visitors that the Bears died last month, I’m f*cking boiling in this suit”

Sat 12:01:26


Bear knuckle fight.

Sat 13:00:54


Trouble bruin

Sat 12:09:30


"Stop ursine around!"

Sat 12:12:39


"This week, on 'Reconstructions Of Our Time Using Bears': 'The Tory Leadership Contest'."

Sat 12:06:07


Fight Cub.

Sat 12:13:04

You broke the first rule. ;^) --Crunchy Chords

"I'm telling you, will you get your bloody paws off my bear necessities!"

Sat 12:07:52


The Bungle in the Jungle

Sat 12:02:42


"I told you to get the gluten free porridge!"

Sat 15:37:45


"It's my turn with Goldilocks."
"No, it's my turn."

Sat 12:37:07


"What did you say? You slept with my wife?!"
"During hibernation! I was asleep all the time!"
"So, you're saying she's a bad lay, now?"

Sat 12:30:48


Looks like they a having a right Barny

Sat 12:11:41


*Head Keeper*
“Dave can you go and hose down the Polar Bears, they’re looking filthy.”

Sat 12:04:38


On the next "Rosanne."

Sat 23:02:51


"I'm sorry I thought you were a rug"

Sat 12:54:11


Before becoming employed by the U.S. Forest Service, Smokey Bear was really into football hooliganism.

Sat 12:13:53


Tickling isn't too fun when you've got claws.

Sat 12:01:54


"No! You're fecking Ursine!"

Mon 5:18:13


New Jungle Strength Scope

Sat 19:41:58


"WHADDYA mean blondes are more fun?"

Sat 19:08:46


“Whoa, Ben, you need a tic tac!”

Sat 16:57:44


Grin and bear it.

Sat 16:26:03


Molar bares.

Sat 15:41:49


...and I say we should leave by the 31st of October.

Sat 15:12:20


I wish the tourists with the cameras would sod off so we can get back to our loving kindness meditation.

Sat 15:10:16


Gummy bears

Sat 14:42:34


Rock and growl.

Sat 14:27:37


I never used your mouthwash, smell my breath.

Sat 13:36:12


"This is another fine mess you've gotten us into!"

"Well, you're the one who wanted to swim upstream!"

Mr and Mrs Salmon argue a lot.

Sat 12:32:15


Brace yourselves..

Sat 12:14:17


I love watching two women fighting over the fur coats in the Harrods sales

Sat 12:13:57


Someone's having a bearating

Sat 12:11:38


"Well I say that with the possibility of filibustering or not, they *will* meet the 60-vote threshold to overcome minority opposition in the Senate."

Sat 12:10:37


''This is perfectly normal behaviour. The dominant male is asserting his right to eat all the Sugar Puffs.''

Sat 12:07:34


"Please can't we try a different Yogi position?"

Sat 12:02:24


Browned off bears

Sat 12:02:21


Grizzly Adam & Eve

Sat 12:02:19


Passion killers

Sat 12:01:36


Bear Thrills

Sat 12:01:17


Bear Hugs

Sat 12:01:02


Tooth furries

Sat 12:00:37


“Tickle tickle tickle, hehehehe, this is so much fun isn’t it? Oh sorry, I forgot, Bears can’t talk”

Sat 12:00:22


Have you got a sore arse too?

Sat 12:00:11


OK, then, just one kiss - but no tongues.

Sat 12:00:08


Brother Bears

Sat 12:00:03

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