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Cher unhappy with plastic surgeon following her latest facelift.
Cher unhappy with plastic surgeon following her latest facelift. photo | portfolio
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Troompa Loompa Vote score: 16557Troompa Loompa

Cher unhappy with plastic surgeon following her latest facelift.

03/10/17 12:06:33

Ha, ha! I see the resemblance: "I got...YOU BABE!"  --Greg Curtis
Ian Skelding Vote score: 20816Ian Skelding

"This is my ghoul friend."

03/10/17 14:38:41

Tony Edwards Vote score: 29622Tony Edwards

Abscess makes the heart grow fonder.

03/10/17 12:28:39

Mr Dome  Vote score: 6878Mr Dome

Dawn of the Dead

03/10/17 12:46:51

Sypcenwolf  Vote score: 874Sypcenwolf

John celebrating his lottery win with his (soon-to-be-ex) wife.

03/10/17 15:05:03

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 9260Neil Mackenzie

Don't worry Mrs Jones it's just the change.

04/10/17 0:26:55

Greg Curtis Vote score: 5622Greg Curtis

"This is my wife. You have anything in 'a fairy-princess.' "

03/10/17 18:28:01

GeeDee Vote score: 2693GeeDee

BUT..Its my chair I wanted to sit in it NOW,get that freak out of my chair and tell him to take his deflated pumpkin with him

03/10/17 16:08:17

ant man Vote score: 1082ant man

...for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us... never mind!

03/10/17 14:41:35

Dr Strangelove Vote score: 489Dr Strangelove

I know you didn't believe me when I said my old girlfriend was possessed, but here she is, the ex exists!!!

03/10/17 13:29:18

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 12691Dan Nicholls

"Wow - I did NOT see this coming".

Reviews come in following the surprise zombie ending of Dr Foster.

03/10/17 12:00:11

Martin Y Martin Y

Internet dating .....nevwr again!

05/10/17 17:55:27

C CaMel Vote score: 4478C CaMel

I just can't cope with her, period.

03/10/17 17:46:33

Gassy Statten Vote score: 246Gassy Statten

Fight or Fright!

03/10/17 16:10:04

Dave Mackay Vote score: 899Dave Mackay

Game of Crones.

03/10/17 15:23:29

ant man Vote score: 1082ant man

Life after Beth is a scary prospect

03/10/17 14:33:35

ant man Vote score: 1082ant man

Dave's date with Deathtiny

03/10/17 14:27:31

Mr Dome  Vote score: 6878Mr Dome

Zelda the Zombie demonstrates her favourite sexual activity is a blow job through her facial expression. Michael Barrymore expresses his favourite by the shape of his hand

03/10/17 12:51:09

Tony Edwards Vote score: 29622Tony Edwards

White coat sindrome.

03/10/17 12:44:56

Michael Winner Vote score: 22029Michael Winner

Snog, Marry, Typhoid.

03/10/17 12:43:23

John  Glover Vote score: 19189John Glover

"Kevin's just told his mum that he forgot to record yesterday's Eastenders."

03/10/17 12:39:43

Pussy Galore Vote score: 7065Pussy Galore

"I get like this every month, doctor."
"Yes, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Do you really think you're cut out to be a doctor's receptionist?"

03/10/17 12:19:31

Ron  Allan Vote score: 5448Ron Allan

Memo to oneself
Stick to Sheep Cloning

03/10/17 12:08:32

Mark England Vote score: 15147Mark England

"Your mother sucks cocks in Hell"
Regan's new career as a Psychic Medium was short lived

03/10/17 12:07:22

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Crystal Beth celebrates when her doctor passes the Daz doorstep challenge.

03/10/17 12:04:23

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