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Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 20636Vanessa the Guesser

Speed dating

02/02/18 12:30:31

Vivvy En Vote score: 12509Vivvy En

Ah, here's lunch. Careful with the camera... we'll put it on eBay later.

02/02/18 13:36:08

Chris Keegan Vote score: 14133Chris Keegan

Good to see my ex-wifes are getting on"¦"¦They're both lying cheetahs.

02/02/18 12:16:08

Hello caption author *waves*. Nice idea for a caption. Just a couple of things: 1) It should be "ex-wives"; and 2) This is just a suggestion, feel free to ignore me, but I think that simply "Lying cheetahs" would make an even better caption (w... --ant man
ant man Vote score: 1134ant man

Cheetahs deserve each other.

02/02/18 12:00:22

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