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She loves putting on a face pack
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She loves putting on a face pack

Sun 8:04:16


"The doctor said the rash on my face is lupus."

Sun 8:00:08


"Stop it Mum, you're so embarrassing", exclaimed Remus.

Sun 11:34:51


Virginia Wolf

Sun 9:52:33


Wolf, glad-he-ate-her

Sun 8:42:51

Tried to use this on one of mine and it flopped like a donkeys...'you know'...have a well deserved vote. Love that program! --The Wolf

Bitey McBiteface

Sun 8:03:45


"This week, on 'Wolf Otorhinolaryngologist'..."

Sun 8:44:02


It’s not what she says; it’s how she says it, because she’s a Timbre Wolf.

Sun 8:24:25


"Mmmm grrrrrrrreenies!"

Sun 8:01:46


"Is a wolf's favourite meal really women's noses?"

"No, it'snot."

Sun 8:00:35


"Grandma, what a clean nose you have."

(Nod to 2:33:11)

Mon 3:07:43


Grandma what a big nose you have.

Mon 2:33:11


Wait until he breaks her heart. Then she'll cry "all dogs are men!"

Sun 17:40:49


The Maul of the Wild

Sun 8:35:05


I got my missus a Wolf for her birthday because I couldn't afford the Jaguar.

Sun 8:16:27


When captioneers meet...

Sun 8:12:11


''I can't afford to pay my rent this month. I need a loan, wolf.''

Sun 8:06:00


Howl you get along without a nose Karen? Did you think of that? No. You only think about yourself Karen.

Mon 5:03:24


"Give her a proper wash Wolfie, not just a cat's lick."

Sun 20:27:03


Cry Wolf.

Sun 15:36:17


Has the wolf spotted Anne's canine teeth?

Sun 12:36:27


Why don't you just use a hanky to wipe your nose.

Sun 10:26:51


Lone Wolf lick her.

Sun 9:47:32


The stench was almost unbearable, to be able to stand the smell of the breath to get close enough to kiss an Alabamian woman is amazing.

Sun 9:36:18


Katie had to kiss a lot of frogs before she found her wolf.

Sun 9:20:24


"Hey, give us a kiss."
"Ow! Fangs for nothing!"

Sun 9:16:17


Food delivered to your mouth. Deliverooooooooooooooo!

Sun 9:02:20


So he huffed and he puffed, but it still did nothing to clear her nasal hayfever nose.

Sun 9:00:52


"Come on grandma,it's time. Get me your nightgown and get in the closet."

Sun 8:59:48



Sun 8:56:33


"...and so Grandma fed Little Red Riding Hood to the wolf and shacked up with him, the end."

Sun 8:42:33


"Thanks, eHarmony!"

Sun 8:40:27


"Have ya seen me growler?"

Sun 8:38:09


"Mmmmm, vanilla. My favorite flavor."

Sun 8:05:53


Nice growler

Sun 8:01:10


"So sloppy", she gasped. It was at that moment she accidentally French kissed her pet wolf.

Sun 8:00:36

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