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"They arent from the same litter. Theyre step brothers."
"They arent from the same litter. Theyre step brothers." photo | portfolio
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"They aren't from the same litter. They're step brothers."

new entry8:03:34


🎵 Born to be Wild - Steps 'n' Wolves

new entry8:34:38


''Why don't you fetch your own f-cking stick?''

new entry8:02:07


Painting by Manet's best friend.

new entry10:45:31


The Council introduce steps to get stray dogs off the streets.

new entry8:11:46


The brown fox was obviously very quick today

new entry8:04:14


German Stepherds

new entry8:00:41


Minding the steps.

new entry11:15:14


Rex sit? No, they're lying.

new entry10:06:11


Ruff sleepers

new entry8:42:23


Beware of the Slinky.

new entry8:10:54


We used to have chairs, but some prick painted them here, then carted them off to their beach house.

new entry8:04:51


While Rover has opted for Labour over the Greens, Rex is going to vote Tory rather than LibDem.

new entry8:03:20


The Thirty (Ca)Nine Steps

new entry8:00:07


When Guide dogs want to evade their owners.

new entry21:15:29


sleeping "ruff"

new entry18:25:39


Let sleeping dogs lie on the steps.

new entry15:52:48


Pavlov's dogs couldn't make it up the steps. They're out of conditioning.

new entry10:07:59


stair mutts

new entry9:59:11


Old blue eyes is back on his blue step.

new entry9:27:16


Too much stairing, I need a lie down - It's gone a bit Escher

new entry9:16:32


"Looks like we're on our own today, I did try the Homeless Shelter,but all the humans had been taken already"

new entry9:10:18


My dentist said I could do with some more brush work around my canines.

new entry8:44:43


Homeless in Seattle.

new entry8:37:16


'' Every time I leave the house they dog my steps.''

new entry8:21:38


"I'm dog tired."
"No I'm dog tired."
"I'm too tired to argue."

new entry8:17:56


She caught him cheating on her with some dumb bitch so she's keeping the moral high ground

new entry8:09:23


''Rex, why don't you ever tell the truth?''

''Because I'm a lying doggo.''

new entry8:08:48


Wild dogs - brace yourselves

new entry8:08:10


"Rover's a coward and Sammy's jealous of him."

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Dog Day Afternoon

new entry8:01:36


Every dog has it's day off

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"I wish they wouldn't keep dogging my steps."

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