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C CaMel Vote score: 12681C CaMel

'Drop the facade!'

04/05/17 11:13:43

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Due to customer complaints, Unibond recalls its 'No More Nails' product.

04/05/17 12:01:40

tony kelly Vote score: 1530tony kelly

Salvador Dali's little known painting, 'The persistence of 21 Tottenham Court Road,' went up for auction today at Christies.

04/05/17 11:41:28

I heard it went down for auction --Mr Dome
Craig Eddie Vote score: 635Craig Eddie

It will be a nice flat when its finished.

04/05/17 12:05:02

Boycie Vote score: 7002Boycie

Located on a slip road

04/05/17 11:33:09

Craig Eddie Vote score: 635Craig Eddie

'Poundland cement 99p per bag!'

04/05/17 11:51:20

sandeep chahal Vote score: 645sandeep chahal

Bloody Feng shui

04/05/17 11:24:41

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38513Tony Edwards

Wall Street Crash

04/05/17 11:37:58

John Llamas Vote score: 20527John Llamas

Housing market slump anticipated

04/05/17 11:04:06

larry G. Vote score: 1479larry G.

Flexible housing.

04/05/17 23:45:09

Mark England Vote score: 21694Mark England

The Witch realised that her cover was blown. She had used too much butter in the gingerbread

04/05/17 11:27:48

Her bestie, Wicked Witch of the West, has the same problem when it rains. ;-) --Crunchy Chords
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