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"Quick Dave! Pull your trigger!!!"
"Quick Dave! Pull your trigger!!!" photo | portfolio
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Chris Keegan Vote score: 12055Chris Keegan

"Quick Dave! Pull your trigger!!!"

26/05/19 8:34:33

Gassy Statten Vote score: 246Gassy Statten

Build the nest! Mind the eggs! Fetch the food!....why don't you just stick a brush up my arse and I'll sweep the floor too ......oh!

26/05/19 10:18:00

Tony Edwards Vote score: 35754Tony Edwards


26/05/19 8:53:35

stone face Vote score: 10117stone face

Dragons Den -

"And every morning the eggs come down the pipe straight onto the table."

"Am sorry ,but am oot."

26/05/19 8:42:51

Stu Dent Vote score: 5518Stu Dent

Pigeon Post

26/05/19 11:06:14

Stephen Bean Vote score: 23891Stephen Bean

Avian flume

26/05/19 8:27:58

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