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Hello officer, its Warwick Davis here. Ive had five pairs of jeans stolen from my washing line"
Hello officer, its Warwick Davis here. Ive had five pairs of jeans stolen from my washing line" photo | portfolio
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'Hello officer, it's Warwick Davis here. I've had five pairs of jeans stolen from my washing line"

new entryMon 12:11:16

- "Thank you sir, Ok girls spread 'em!" --Guideaux .

Well I was 2 metres away until I got all aroused

new entryMon 16:04:45


Trespassers will be Prostituted

new entryMon 15:31:47


Bow-legged belle

new entryMon 14:22:41


"Why didn't any of you believe me, I told you last year there were moths in our jeans closet."

new entryMon 14:05:28


"Do you ever get the feeling that we're the butt of the joke?"

new entryMon 12:56:13


Ladyboys of Bangkok cancel all UK tour dates except Durham

new entryMon 12:47:03


" .... and five girls were charged with affray and cheques that bounced."

new entryMon 12:22:14


If you've got great legs, don't be a frayed to show them off.

new entryMon 12:13:08


"Come on Dad shows about to start"
"How about we listen from here son"

new entryMon 12:06:44


Headless chicks

new entryMon 12:05:00


Booty contest

new entryMon 12:01:58

new entryMon 20:25:12


The one at the far end is, erm, well-endowed.

new entryMon 20:21:01


- Are they rednecks?
- I haven't looked high enough to see if they even have necks

new entryMon 16:59:42


Legs & Co.

new entryMon 15:36:47


We wear short shorts.

new entryMon 14:56:25


"Number three, repeat after me - "Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker"

new entryMon 14:51:17


Worst Knobbly Knees Contest ever

new entryMon 13:43:17


"I bet you that the one in the red high heels isn't wearing knickers."
"How do you know that."
"Easy, dandruff on her shoes."

new entryMon 13:36:26


This is one of few photos that I don't mind my caption coming bottom.

new entryMon 13:23:33


“Thanks for the telescope darling .... I can just about see Uranus”

new entryMon 13:15:47


"Ooh good, time for elevenses."

new entryMon 12:55:34


Anybody caught trying to jump the queue will be dealt with accordingly.

new entryMon 12:55:08


Dixie Checks

new entryMon 12:41:10


After seeing all the photos entered on Caption.Me by Alan B. Owens, I have come to the conclusion that he is a Crack addict.

new entryMon 12:33:45


''I usually finish the photo shoots by 12.00 am but I've got a little behind today.''

new entryMon 12:18:16


Who cares about the rules...? Shorts fine leg.

new entryMon 12:14:08


Dick See Land

new entryMon 12:12:17


"Those mannequins are remarkably lifelike."

new entryMon 12:09:44


With sales plummeting, One Direction are forced to appeal to a broader audience.

new entryMon 12:07:30


The check is in the post-erior.

new entryMon 12:05:12


🎵son of a gun they've got some bum on the bayou

new entryMon 12:04:29


Thigh Heels

new entryMon 12:04:27


What depraved sexist would take such a picture Holmes?
You have to ask who cut the legs off these jeans Watson?
Why it would be the girls themselves Holmes.
Exactly Watson, Women have been showing off their bodies while protesting that men are looking at them to portray men as depraved sexists.

new entryMon 12:03:03


Daisy Chain

new entryMon 12:02:39


That second one has got some cheek.

new entryMon 12:01:06


Lumberjack off

new entryMon 12:00:28


Nice legs who cares about the face.

new entryMon 12:00:22


You can always rely on having one photo a week for a good ol' wank.

new entryMon 12:00:10


The Check Rear Public

new entryMon 12:00:08


The Bottom Line

new entryMon 12:00:06

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