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Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

After the accident, police spent two hours measuring skid marks.

30/01/17 12:09:30

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 19840Vanessa the Guesser

Shitty shitty bang bang

30/01/17 12:22:18

Mark England Vote score: 20799Mark England


30/01/17 12:04:57

Jonathan Allsopp Vote score: 2803Jonathan Allsopp

Dump truck.

30/01/17 12:17:53

Gf j Vote score: 495Gf j

Two loos la wreck

30/01/17 12:18:31

John Llamas Vote score: 20528John Llamas


30/01/17 12:17:57

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18166Dan Nicholls

Tony was just finishing his crossword when he thought 'hang on, this thing's moving'.

30/01/17 12:03:07

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