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C CaMel Vote score: 12681C CaMel

Shortly after she started going downhill fast

17/10/16 12:50:48

What a refreshing moment....A captioneer That votes as well as submitting captions, is topping the top ten xxx You get my vote for fair play xxxx  --Andrea Hickling
Tiny Alien Vote score: 2286Tiny Alien

Hey Mum, you know my stakeboard I put on ebay? somebody's placed a Bid on it.

17/10/16 14:58:09

Steve Davies Vote score: 2447Steve Davies

Silver surfer.

17/10/16 13:48:34

Leroy Brown Vote score: 8188Leroy Brown

Amazingly, Grandma turned 180 the other day.

17/10/16 11:47:47

C CaMel Vote score: 12681C CaMel

Taxidermist revises customer collection policy

17/10/16 17:38:17

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