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"Im leaving you, and Im keeping the ring!"
"Im leaving you, and Im keeping the ring!" photo | portfolio
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C CaMel Vote score: 8803C CaMel

"I'm leaving you, and I'm keeping the ring!"

22/09/16 17:31:26

John  Glover Vote score: 22566John Glover

Penny moved in strange circles

22/09/16 17:35:43

Tiny Alien Vote score: 2286Tiny Alien

For god sake Charlotte give it up, your just going round in circles

22/09/16 13:48:26

Mr Dome Vote score: 14036Mr Dome

I'm coming!! said Gulliver's cock ring assistant

22/09/16 20:55:05

I laughed so I had to vote --Martin Veith
Steve Davies Vote score: 2443Steve Davies

Jane was in great shape .

22/09/16 14:36:13

Mark England Vote score: 19838Mark England

"Delivery for a Mr Eamonn Holmes. Your Gastric Band has arrived"

22/09/16 12:17:30

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