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Greg Curtis Vote score: 6212Greg Curtis

"Okay, SLOWLY...step out of the closet."

30/04/18 12:50:13

John  Glover Vote score: 20950John Glover

"Young man, could you show me the way to the YMCA?"

30/04/18 14:00:53

Bahahaha!! Genius. --J Gaskill
Chris Keegan Vote score: 9486Chris Keegan

There’s usually two of them. He’s with Homoside.

30/04/18 12:00:51

ant knee Vote score: 1134ant knee

"No Gary, I don't want to play Cops & Rubbers."

30/04/18 13:01:41

John Llamas Vote score: 20016John Llamas

"Sir ... we have reason to believe you may have been handling swollen goods"

30/04/18 12:36:08

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11080Neil Mackenzie

President Trump did not see why Barrack used to visit Camp David.

30/04/18 21:02:38

Ian Skelding Vote score: 23092Ian Skelding

"Would you like a donut?"
"No thanks."
"Right, you are under arrest for impersonating a Police Officer."

30/04/18 19:24:44

J Gaskill Vote score: 109J Gaskill

Stephan was taking a personal day; not because he was feeling off, but because he was feeling on.

01/05/18 22:06:11

Tina  Flowers Vote score: 663Tina Flowers

OH!!!! May day, I thought you said gay day

01/05/18 6:23:27

larry G. Vote score: 1471larry G.

Al Pacino is still Cruising.

30/04/18 23:45:48

tony kelly Vote score: 1273tony kelly

''What was your previous job before becoming a police officer?''
''I was in the navy.''

30/04/18 23:30:55

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Julian is guaranteed to cop a feel.

30/04/18 19:01:23

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11080Neil Mackenzie

I hope you'll cum quietly Officer, I don't want the neighbours to hear.

30/04/18 18:25:43

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 4109Crunchy Chords
"Okay, SLOWLY...step out of the closet."

30/04/18 17:15:40

Vivvy En Vote score: 6518Vivvy En

Bobby... You should be under a vest.

30/04/18 15:51:34

Mr Dome  Vote score: 10289Mr Dome

Dave was about to feel the long arm of the law. Ouch!

30/04/18 14:17:28

Dave Bryan Vote score: 11823Dave Bryan

''You're supposed to put the handcuffs on the prisoner.''

30/04/18 12:07:44

stone face Vote score: 8213stone face

How George Michael never got on to this undercover policeman is beyond me .

30/04/18 18:12:59

Kenny Ireland Vote score: 5040Kenny Ireland

Gringo Starr.

30/04/18 13:04:24

Tony Edwards Vote score: 32670Tony Edwards

PC Prod

30/04/18 12:59:15

Pussy Galore Vote score: 7065Pussy Galore

"Don't mess with me today. I've got the hangover from hell."

30/04/18 12:49:48

Dave Bryan Vote score: 11823Dave Bryan

Sid Snot

30/04/18 12:03:26

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 38790Welsh Rarebit

"Who wants some truncheon meat?"

30/04/18 12:00:43

Chris Keegan Vote score: 9486Chris Keegan

He just stood there….Gayzing.

30/04/18 12:00:12

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