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Captain Karinski was getting a little irritated at the final requests during Firing Squads

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I hope this note finds you well. I rarely comment here, but just wanted to say that this caption really made me laugh. It's a proper caption, coming brilliantly to life when you look at the picture and, for me, it just gets funnier each time. I wouldn't have thought of this in a million years, one of the main reasons for enjoying the site. It's terrific when other people can really make you laugh and we can all be inspired by the creativity and ideas of others. Thanks again.


Hi there..glad you enjoyed it, and yes, it's a great place to learn how to word captions to get the most out of them. I've been on here for several years and am still are most of us. For me I try never to go for the obvious and always try to use the outside of the box as a starting point..trouble with that is, you then have to hope that voters are tuned into your wavelength..Oh well.
Anyhow, thanks again for the kind comment.
Ron Allan


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