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Birmingham dentist
Birmingham dentist photo | portfolio
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Mr Dome  Vote score: 5897Mr Dome

Birmingham dentist

14/05/18 8:17:02

The Barron Knights once sang, to the tune of Rivers of Babylon: "There's a dentist in Birmingham, he fixed my crown..." --Glad You Remember
stone face Vote score: 3115stone face

It's where I get my beef tomatoes.

14/05/18 7:06:05

John  Glover Vote score: 18347John Glover

Lettuce supply your sunday joint.

14/05/18 11:28:23

Tina  Flowers Vote score: 663Tina Flowers

Cheat and two veg anyone?

14/05/18 9:59:56

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 8854Neil Mackenzie

Four Yam Chops, a pound of Rumpkin, two pounds of best Beet and a quarter of Brussels Sprout Pate Please.

15/05/18 6:48:37

Stephen Paterson Vote score: 3286Stephen Paterson

Fake Moo's

14/05/18 7:40:45

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 1414Crunchy Chords
Birmingham dentist

14/05/18 15:04:56

C CaMel Vote score: 3956C CaMel

Steak ta ta!

14/05/18 9:14:22

J Gaskill Vote score: 89J Gaskill

This is just ONE of my three Change The World projects. I've also got an almond farm and a dressing ranch.

15/05/18 8:48:49

J Gaskill Vote score: 89J Gaskill

Well I didn't exactly find any health-code violations, but believe me, this place needs to go...

15/05/18 8:45:30

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 8854Neil Mackenzie

I never go there I prefer Borger kingia lettucia (Foot lettuce)

15/05/18 6:55:16

larry G. Vote score: 1103larry G.

Asian for Lambchops.

14/05/18 20:22:50

Mark England Vote score: 14236Mark England

They do a great chip-olata

14/05/18 10:26:41

Andrea Ivey Vote score: 802Andrea Ivey

Chop shop

14/05/18 10:07:06

Pussy Galore Vote score: 7065Pussy Galore

Because plants have feelings too.

14/05/18 8:05:33

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 34295Welsh Rarebit

Chop 'till you drop

14/05/18 7:47:48

Greg Curtis Vote score: 5277Greg Curtis

“They have 50 shades of graze.”

14/05/18 7:33:35

Ian Skelding Vote score: 20003Ian Skelding

They earn their Quorn.

14/05/18 7:13:57

Ian Skelding Vote score: 20003Ian Skelding

The Meat Pretender

14/05/18 7:03:19

Chris Keegan Vote score: 4507Chris Keegan

Their meat is artifishial

14/05/18 7:00:52

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