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This photo was developed from a negative.
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Chris Halliwell Vote score: 5025Chris Halliwell

This photo was developed from a negative.

21/07/15 12:02:23

AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

"For goodness sake, are you lot ready to have your photo taken yet?"

21/07/15 12:00:29

The more I think about this caption, the funnier it gets :) --Michael Winner
Boycie Vote score: 6699Boycie

"I flew over my girlfriend's family party and sky-wrote 'will you marry me?'"

21/07/15 12:00:53

You beat me to it! --Michael Monkhouse
John  Glover Vote score: 20326John Glover

"Are we going to get an 8 o'clock caption picture?"

21/07/15 22:27:46

Doh Nutter Vote score: 18041Doh Nutter

The 'NOT in my back yard' protest was curtailed due to complaints.

21/07/15 12:16:42

Waiiting for tea? --John Glover
Boycie Vote score: 6699Boycie

"Hello Henman Hill ... This is Cliff Richard. Can I sing you a few songs till the rain stops?"

21/07/15 13:34:20

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 14552Dan Nicholls

The helicopter is approaching from the wrong angle - it's supposed to read 'ON'.

21/07/15 12:00:09

I realised that but had to go into a meeting. Have changed caption and voted for the original. --Dan Nicholls
Cath Jones Vote score: 38790Cath Jones

No-mans land

21/07/15 12:00:23

Doh Nutter Vote score: 18041Doh Nutter

Grange Hill pupils try and get the message through to high as a kite Zammo.

21/07/15 14:38:24

Ah, that takes me back! --Tracy Davidson
Cath Jones Vote score: 38790Cath Jones

Nots landing

21/07/15 12:30:13

Mark England Vote score: 16542Mark England

With the wet weather causing uncertainty to the Dyslexic Society's annual skydiving championship, the watching crowd let the skydivers know that the event is still on.

21/07/15 12:14:47

AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

NO walking on grass

21/07/15 12:00:05

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 5934Tosser Wivlov

Isn't that the bank that normally likes to say YES?

21/07/15 12:24:34

Tony Edwards Vote score: 31445Tony Edwards

Say it with Followers

21/07/15 12:16:42

Kenny Ireland Vote score: 4637Kenny Ireland

No people were assembled for this picture.

21/07/15 22:37:26

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 10555Neil Mackenzie

The World Record attempt for forming all the letters of the Alphabet failed when most of the Ladies went for a P, only to find a long Q.

21/07/15 22:16:07

D C Vote score: 2689D C

The local am-dram group were not happy with their publicity shots for the Wizard Of Oz.

21/07/15 21:42:54

Michael Winner Vote score: 22855Michael Winner

From the Royal Society of Chemistry's periodic table calendar:
July is Nobelium.

21/07/15 15:25:34

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 5934Tosser Wivlov

I wish this photographer would hurry up, we've got a Halifax add to shoot this morning.

21/07/15 12:23:51

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