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Roger Bannister
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Darthey Bussell Vote score: 22407Darthey Bussell

Roger Bannister

25/07/16 12:05:38

best ive read on here for a while! --tony kelly
Darthey Bussell Vote score: 22407Darthey Bussell

A minute later Dave tossed himself off.

25/07/16 13:30:03

Jay Oliver Vote score: 248Jay Oliver

"Last chance, Siri. Tell me a joke."

26/07/16 2:51:32

John  Glover Vote score: 22571John Glover

"Is that Ask Jeeves,... how do you extricate seven inches of swollen flesh from a rusty bolt hole in some iron railings."

25/07/16 15:44:22

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Ball astride.

25/07/16 13:51:17

Tony Edwards Vote score: 35754Tony Edwards


25/07/16 12:27:27

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