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Tracey Sarge Vote score: 2565Tracey Sarge

Tom Dick and Hare.

17/05/15 11:11:20

No....think it is to infer Tom Dick & Hare'y/Harry - you know as when Harry Carpenter interviewed Frank Bruno & asked him "what do you think to the rominiger as a boxer Frank" to which Frank replied "what rumours that Harey" --Bad Boy Dennis.
Leroy Brown Vote score: 7800Leroy Brown

Krishnas Shopping

17/05/15 12:29:08

Very good --Bad Boy Dennis.
Guy Random Vote score: 325Guy Random

Best buddhas.

17/05/15 11:00:43

stoneface1 Vote score: 1179stoneface1

Karma comedian...

17/05/15 11:33:56

Must be on their way to Bob's Monk House.  --Boycie
Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 5966Tosser Wivlov

Hey, save the jokes until we get to Bob's Monkhouse.

17/05/15 16:01:47

Greg Curtis Vote score: 6216Greg Curtis


17/05/15 12:03:16

Michael Monkhouse Vote score: 2804Michael Monkhouse

Auditions for Skunk Anansie were disappointing.

17/05/15 16:06:02

Leroy Brown Vote score: 7800Leroy Brown

Smile, your on Gandhi camera!

17/05/15 12:30:35

Doh Nutter Vote score: 19137Doh Nutter

Orange Mobile

17/05/15 12:02:10

John  Glover Vote score: 21001John Glover

Saffron Cisco.

17/05/15 11:03:52

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11104Neil Mackenzie

After taking their photograph, the photographer chased them for his money.
We are Monks we don't have toupee.

17/05/15 19:02:54

Doh Nutter Vote score: 19137Doh Nutter

"We should have turned left back there, this isn't the path to enlightenment."

17/05/15 11:54:45

Bad Boy Dennis. Vote score: 1196Bad Boy Dennis.

Hare Less Krishnas

17/05/15 11:00:22

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