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Deers looking at you kid.
Deers looking at you kid. photo | portfolio
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Tony Edwards Vote score: 28383Tony Edwards

Deers looking at you kid.

21/10/14 11:53:38

Keep looking back at your caption. I love the captions that make me think "SO-OBVIOUS-but-I-never-would-have-thought-of-that-in-a-million-years." .....Nice job! --Greg Curtis
Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

Tim buck two

21/10/14 11:09:10

Glyn Evans Vote score: 5075Glyn Evans

Look Who's Stalking.

21/10/14 11:37:55

Doh Nutter Vote score: 15866Doh Nutter

Keith Bristow of the National Crime Agency said they would have to focus on pursuing those who posed most risk and not captioneers viewing child fawnography.

21/10/14 12:09:58

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Another doe nutter.

21/10/14 13:51:31

Mark England Vote score: 14243Mark England

"Bambi No!"

21/10/14 11:09:55

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Young buck, Roger, couldn't let sleeping does lie.

21/10/14 14:20:48

Paul Reeve Vote score: 4741Paul Reeve

"Oi kid piss off can't you see I'm just about to take a shit."

21/10/14 11:25:26

John  Glover Vote score: 18350John Glover

"Do you think he's trying to fawnicate?"

21/10/14 11:10:54

AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

The young David Antleborough

21/10/14 11:02:00

AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

Personally I find GAP two deer - they charge you way too much

21/10/14 11:00:10

No, the two deer part was there from the start - I added 'charge' minutes later, although it hasn't changed the inevitable voting apathy. I'm fine with any later versions - it's all good fun :) --AXE
Mark England Vote score: 14243Mark England

Young at Hart

21/10/14 11:17:47

AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

'That's all we need - another annoying GAP year student'

21/10/14 11:15:38

Cath Jones Vote score: 34299Cath Jones

"Fancy a game of fallow my leader?"

21/10/14 11:00:11

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