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Ron  Allan Vote score: 5548Ron Allan

His death had been a cruel and tragic accident, and experts later calculated that it was at least a ten million to one chance that all four of the Parachutists should have landed where they did

23/06/14 12:29:32

John Llamas Vote score: 20528John Llamas

Ben did it for a little pin money as he had four kids to support

23/06/14 12:28:23

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37051Tony Edwards

Dave wished that he hadn't asked his kids to help with the assembly of Ikea furniture.

23/06/14 12:21:54

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37051Tony Edwards

"Please help! Four children to support."

23/06/14 12:58:36

I hope whoever put this caption on has at least had the decency to vote for the earlier one. And if they haven't already - please do so! It's only fair.  --Tracy Davidson
Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 2996Karen Oakenfull

"I would've gotten away with it if weren't for you pesky kids."

23/06/14 16:32:48

It doesn't need the second sentence, just end it at 'kids' :) --Michael Winner
Guideaux Vote score: 2368Guideaux

"Ok Ok, we'll go to Disney-Land!!"

23/06/14 12:13:40

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

"Ok, I admit it- I ate your Haribo, kids."

23/06/14 12:00:56

Walter Butler Vote score: 91Walter Butler

Fearful of anything with an upper torso, the inhabitants of Cropland are seen here dispensing justice to an outsider.

23/06/14 18:43:10

Chris Moorhead Vote score: 1564Chris Moorhead

Fred realised too late that he had not, in fact, applied for the popular TV show 'Four in a Bed', but something else entirely.

23/06/14 12:20:18

John  Glover Vote score: 22836John Glover

"Now we've finally managed to nail you down dad, what about that pocket money arrears you owe us?"

23/06/14 12:12:17

Cath Jones Vote score: 38815Cath Jones

"Sorry guys, you'll have to get off, I'm starting to get pins and needles."

23/06/14 12:00:10

Tracy Davidson Vote score: 9777Tracy Davidson


23/06/14 12:00:07

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