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Mr Dome  Vote score: 11107Mr Dome

Inaugural meeting of the Newcastle Grandmother's association

08/01/21 9:17:07

Stu Dent Vote score: 5173Stu Dent

I love seeing photos of how people use to live in the olden days

08/01/21 8:38:34

Vivvy En Vote score: 7174Vivvy En

"Mother says we have to return to the convent"

08/01/21 12:04:40

Al Overy Vote score: 3806Al Overy

'D'ya get anyfink unusual for Christmas?'


'I said UNusual!'

08/01/21 8:17:12

The Wolf Vote score: 10887The Wolf

"Babe, it's Dave. Listen carefully, don't panic and act normal. The girls you are out with are not your friends, they're Terminators. Your real friends are dead. Bye"

08/01/21 9:04:15

Dave Bryan Vote score: 13242Dave Bryan

''Is it bad news, Sandra?''

''Yes, there's no tickets left for the opera.''

08/01/21 8:29:28

Chris Keegan Vote score: 10317Chris Keegan

Man disappears to polish his helmet.

08/01/21 9:15:29

The Wolf Vote score: 10887The Wolf

"Darling, I always do my captions with my trousers down, honestly"

08/01/21 8:27:39

Mark Wilson Vote score: 2463Mark Wilson

"Yes Mum the sleepover at Lauren's is going good, gotta go as the dvd's about to start"

08/01/21 19:24:50

Peter Houle Vote score: 287Peter Houle

Sexual heeling

08/01/21 11:14:40

John  Glover Vote score: 21313John Glover

"Tracy has just died in hospital, the better news is that Tom's party is still on tonight."

08/01/21 20:40:21

Kenny Ireland Vote score: 5285Kenny Ireland

Some men like long legs. Some men like short legs. Most men prefer something in between.

08/01/21 10:12:48

The Wolf Vote score: 10887The Wolf

And after a good night out on the town It's payday for the ladies in Hull as they queue up outside the Sperm Donation Clinic.

08/01/21 9:33:29

Dave Bryan Vote score: 13242Dave Bryan

''Why don't we go to the internet cafe and post a few captions?''

08/01/21 8:06:43

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11522Neil Mackenzie

She got legs, I hope she knows how to use them in those shoes.

09/01/21 10:44:29

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5038Lucky Elperro

"Our wives can never find out what we do at the weekends"

"we'd probably get kicked out of the Paras aswell".

09/01/21 3:23:09

Patel Jayesh Vote score: 30Patel Jayesh

The girls were so proud, they got ready in less than 3 hours.

08/01/21 13:05:44

Mark England Vote score: 17739Mark England

"Tut, Those dresses are far to short. Look at those shoes, far to high, tut, smoking in public too..."
Doris was the Town square

08/01/21 9:18:18

Dave Bryan Vote score: 13242Dave Bryan

''Make a difference. Apply now to become a nurse.''

08/01/21 8:35:41

Glyn Evans Vote score: 7558Glyn Evans

Ahh, isn't that a nice picture. Remember those days before social distancing. And yet this photo was taken in Manchester yesterday.

08/01/21 8:16:53

A super spreader event? --Willie Johnson
James Lennox Vote score: 7664James Lennox

Dave can be forgiven for spontaneously yanking his helmet off.

08/01/21 8:14:58

Molly R Vote score: 2512Molly R

"I got the hair, I got the heels, I got the legs - why haven't I got a bloke?"
"You smoke."

08/01/21 8:07:28

Yeah I've dated smokers before. The first rule of thumb is being able to tell the difference between when your partner's having a powerful orgasm and when they're hyperventilating through shortness of breath. I thought I was some sort of stamin... --Glyn Evans
Mauris Iocus Vote score: 377Mauris Iocus

"MENSA Society? What in the world is that? I thought the ticket said Menses Society"

14/01/21 1:33:15

Mauris Iocus Vote score: 377Mauris Iocus

"Don't you think that's crazy? I mean, what are the chances we ALL forgot knickers?

10/01/21 22:03:18

Stephen Paterson Vote score: 3383Stephen Paterson

......................"CUT! Sorry Guy, can we do that one again?"

08/01/21 20:24:32

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 3263Scrijjy Doo

Be Breast

08/01/21 17:44:31

Mauris Iocus Vote score: 377Mauris Iocus

Four pack
Of plastic stacks
Fake racks
Work from backs
Your Hidden tax
Tis Petri cracks
For this... t'is no vax

08/01/21 14:00:33

Tony Edwards Vote score: 33442Tony Edwards

Charlie's Devils

08/01/21 10:05:56

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 15597Dan Nicholls

"Heel be here in a minute".

08/01/21 9:49:39

Tony Edwards Vote score: 33442Tony Edwards

Loose women

08/01/21 9:47:09

alexandra ball Vote score: 1009alexandra ball

Lets elevenses

08/01/21 9:46:27

Willie Johnson Vote score: 2362Willie Johnson

"Are you sure this is the location of the cocktail party?"

08/01/21 8:57:07

Stephen Bean Vote score: 14756Stephen Bean

"My teenage son is really upset he can't go to school."

"I wonder what his teachers are doing today..."

08/01/21 8:48:13

Stephen Bean Vote score: 14756Stephen Bean

Pay as you ho

08/01/21 8:25:34

Stephen Bean Vote score: 14756Stephen Bean

Booty call

08/01/21 8:22:00

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 14310Vanessa the Guesser

"Taxi to Tesco, please."

08/01/21 8:08:33

stone face Vote score: 8784stone face

When Mabel, in the sandals, arrived for the secretary interview, she realised the opposition was stacked against her.

08/01/21 8:08:05

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 7657Hercules Rockefeller

Text and the City

08/01/21 8:04:53

Stephen Bean Vote score: 14756Stephen Bean

Call girls

08/01/21 8:00:07

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